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The BEST part of our summer, 2018

This summer I got intentional. I made the conscious choice to try and slow down; for my kids, for my husband, for my dogs, and especially for myself. The time had come to give myself a  little break from the frazzled entrepreneur life and to just be more available. Did it work?  Yes, mostly

I absolutely flubbed up regularly; I lost my cool on the kids with their endless fighting (especially towards the end of summer), I didn’t disconnect from my phone as much as I hoped, I overdid the eating and drinking, and probably a lot of others things I am forgetting on purpose 😉

We took a few more day trips this summer, we also took full advantage of the beaches and the cove. I am pretty sure Sully broke his record for amount of sea glass found. Link became quite the surfer. Nolan really REALLY enjoyed the new privilege and responsibility of riding his bike to town. Kevin reeled in an almost 300 pound blue fin tuna on his good friend’s fishing boat! And I walked all over town with my dogs while taking photos with my iphone. All the things that bring us each, individually, happiness. 

Always top on the summer must-do list is reconnecting with our good friends and family while in Maine. Coffee on the porch, cookouts at the point, long days at the beach and long walks to catch up on life. I miss that focused time to connect with everyone already.

We had lots of fun visitors, all of which helped with projects on the cottage. Moving furniture, cleaning, painting, building and hanging things. Thank you all, we could not have done all that alone!!!!!

I also rediscovered how much I adore DIY projects, while updating our new (old!) rental property, Sea Road Cottage. Kevin and I worked so hard all of July and August, putting our stamp on the place, turning it over for renters every few days, and managing all the details that come along with owning a property. Link to cottage:

It was overall, a very lovely summer. But there was a surprise that came from the summer of 2018 that all five of us agree was THE best… our new rescue pup, Barley. He came from Georgia, was trucked up to the Animal Welfare Society of Maine, and now lives happily in his forever home with us in Syracuse, New York. So now we have three dogs to go with our three kids, and the Taylor household is at max capacity… just the way we like it 😉

So how do Zuzu and Olive feel about the new addition?…

Ok mamas, good luck with back to school prep, and getting a routine back in place! I hope to be back on here more regularly, too. Drop me a line to let me know how YOU are doing!

Talk soon,