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Motherhood ain’t for sissies…

We planned a low key staycation for February break last week. Some skiing, movie nights, pizza deliveries… all our favorite things. We were off to a great start then suddenly that all changed in an instant.

My oldest son, Nolan, fell skiing and fractured two vertebrae in his spine. It was the scariest day of my life in motherhood. And i pray to never experience another one like it. From waiting an agonizing 25 minutes at the bottom of the hill for ski patrol to bring my baby down on a toboggan, a 30 minute ambulance ride, then the next 10 hours at the pediatric emergency room with X-rays and MRIs… it was a really hard day. I can’t even imagine how scary it was for Nolan.

Not the kind of picture you want to have taken of your son 🙁

Since then it’s been a very hard realization for him that he has to slow down and care for his body so he can heal. And it’s a lesson I wish he didn’t have to learn at such a young age. Three months of no activity, which includes no skiing, basketball and baseball (even no gym or recess!) Plus a “super dorky” neck brace… his words not mine. I actually tried to make it seem like a cool thing but he wasn’t buying it.

So, this week he goes back to school, not exactly a fresh start, but he needs to focus on the positive, and I’ll try anything to help him do that. We are trying to get into more books, and board games too, since we don’t allow video games during the week.  Any ideas out there, send them my way!

Nolan and I are putting our thank you note writing skills to work!

One sport he CAN do still???  Fishing. Um, not my favorite, but I would do anything for this kid.  So, fish on!  That’s what you say, right?

My next post will be all about our special feature in a gorgeous local magazine. I can’t wait to share with all of you.  Until then, here’s a little sneak peek 😉

Stay safe out there!