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THIS was a total win-win…

I had the pleasure of going on a three night getaway with my oldest son last weekend.

We planned it soon after his ski accident in February, and once the news of “no sports for 3 months” was delivered. I needed to give Nolan something to cheer him up, something to look forward to.

So, with my husband‘s airline miles and hotel points and we were able to pull off a pretty amazing mini vacation. Thank you, Kevin! Nolan and I flew to Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and stayed right at the beach.


We left behind wintry weather in Syracuse and arrived in a tropical paradise. Palm trees, turquoise water, pools with waterfalls, sunshine, and lush greenery everywhere. We were so happy in an instant.

I haven’t traveled with just Nolan like this since he was my only child, when I was 7 months pregnant with his brother and we went to visit daddy on a work trip.

That was more than 10 years ago.

I wasn’t sure how much fun he planned on having, being forced to hang out with his mom. But can I tell you something? We both ended up having the absolute BEST time.

Without having the distraction of his little brothers, school, my work, and all of our other commitments, we were able to completely relax, enjoy each other and our beautiful surroundings.


It was actually a dream vacation for me.

We went to bed early, woke up early, talked a lot (about feelings—my favorite topic,) we ate lots of fresh food, walked all over the beach and city, we met up with dear, old friends, we swam, we read, and played games. Perfection.

With all the hormones buzzing through us both right now, this was exactly what the doctor ordered, and what our relationship needed.

We came back home feeling so refreshed, renewed and ready to tackle most anything. This little trip felt so luxurious, and it was, but I hope that I can do it more often, and have more one on one time with each of my sons.

Confidence in parenting my pre-teen— restored!



I wish this for all of you as well, even just a simple outing, near home, with one child at a time. The one on one time is priceless, and is a total win-win.

Much love, and thanks for reading,

Ps- BIG BIG news…

My brand new website will be launching very soon! 

Keep a look out for the launch date, as well as some fun deals for my loyal customers.