Dog Lady Square Greeting Card

  • $1.98
  • $4.00
Know any crazy dog ladies out there? I can proudly proclaim to be one in this club ;)  And I know I would love to get a card like this that appreciates my crazy.
  • Mail it or make it a framed print! 
  • 5x5 square folded greeting cards, with envelopes
  • In our signature watercolor style
  • "Dog Lady Definition: A woman obsessed with all things canine. She may have a bumper sticker reading “Dog is My Co-Pilot” or a tee that says “Tell Your Dog I Said Hi.” Her phone is filled with mostly photos of dogs or selfies with dogs. She generally gravitates to the dog in the room, and talks to any dog that passes by."
  • Backside message says in small text: "Blue is the color of loyalty, trust, security & calmness"
  • Blank inside
  • High-quality image printed on heavy weight card stock
  • Designed and printed in the USA