What is GratiKids?

A program that incorporates activities & lessons to teach children gratitude.

Founder Annie Taylor facilitates an age-appropriate conversation with students to discuss the meaning of gratitude.

Then students engage in a creative activity to reinforce the power of giving back locally in their community.

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GratiKids Spotlight

Annie Taylor Design GratiKids Spotlight

I love GratiKids because of the thought that I'm doing something for the earth, like after clean up the park day I felt so happy with myself even before ice cream :)

- Gracyn, Massachusetts, Age 9
Annie Taylor Design GratiKids Spotlight

I like cheering up kids at the hospital with pretty colors.

- Emily, New York, Age 7

Recent GratiKids Testimonials

  • GratiKids inspired all three of my children in different ways. At ages 10, 9 and 6, they were all able to apply the goals of personal perseverance, becoming community citizens and thinking of ways - both small and more ambitious -to help others. 

    My son loved writing notes on GratiKids stationery to support the homeless, my older daughter was inspired to write to the elderly who have been in isolation during the pandemic and my youngest now has an understanding she didn’t have before of how lifting others up helps everyone and likes to leave ME notes.  Great building block for empathy and awareness!

    - Chrissa, mom of 3
  • Annie's GratiKids activities have helped my 4 children learn powerful life lessons in empathy, thankfulness, and giving back to their community. I absolutely love what she has created in a time when the world needs it the most.

    - Megan, mom of 4