• 40 Favorite Grandma Sayings

    Who doesn't love a good grandma saying, or a "Grannyism" as I like to call them?  Growing up my grandma had some good ones. My mom, sisters and I love reminiscing about all the gems that came from Gram's mouth. Nothing takes us back in time to sitting on her Davenport (couch) like dropping a "Hea... View Post
  • Almost Homemade Monkey Cupcakes

    My baby turned 10 last week. I can't believe I am typing that. How?!? We brought him home from the hospital like yesterday! I know my years are numbered for him appreciating a homemade birthday cake. I don't bake, so when I say "homemade" I mean I opened the boxed cake mix at home ;)  What I do t... View Post
  • Help Support Ukraine

    Just like the rest of you, I want to do something, anything, to help Ukraine right now. It's devastating to witness the terror that is happening. My heart aches, like all of yours, for the innocent people forced to flee their homes.  In efforts to raise money to donate to Save the Children, I hav... View Post
  • Squeak! Download my new Classroom Valentines!

    Every year I design special Valentines for my kids to pass out at school. Sadly, I am afraid this may be the last time I am asked to do this. My baby is headed to middle school next year.  Since my first born went to preschool, (umm... who is now almost 15?!?), I have annually created something t... View Post
  • 6 front door colors for serious curb appeal

    When we first moved into our house in Syracuse, our front door was the same color as the house, a dingy white. The first thing i did was paint it a warm teal. #priorities Teal in 2013-2015 Little did I know that over the course of 10 years I would change the front door color seven times. It’s ... View Post
  • Annie's DIY Felt Heart Wreath

    I don't know about you guys, but I am one of those annoying people that rips down tree and all the Christmas decorations on December 26th. I just can't wait to clear out the clutter and start fresh. My husband and kids usually bet on how quickly after the presents are opened, until I start the cl... View Post
  • Holiday Gift Tags - Our Free Gift to You!

    Do you ever worry about the message it sends when you spoil your children with an abundance of Christmas gifts?? 🎁 I know I do, and I am determined to try not to raise greedy or ungrateful kiddos. This year, we are following the four gift rule for Christmas 🎅🏼 It’s a simple way to teach your chil... View Post
  • Digital Downloads to help your Teen!

    Is anyone else noticing that the pandemic life has caught up to their teens? They forgot how to manage their school work, and how to study? The social anxiety, the screen addiction, the lack of motivation?? Life is tricky right now. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀I have been asked repeatedly for a teen versio... View Post

A note from Annie

In writing this blog, I wanted to provide a space where you can to get to know me a little better, and share with you where my designs come from. Each one has their own story to go with it.  I LOVE what I do, and I truly hope you can feel that love coming through each of my products.