• The Taylor's do Disney!

    Kevin and i decided a long time ago that we would take the boys to Disney. Once. When they are old enough to remember it and somewhat appreciate it.  Well last year we decided 2019 was the time. So Kevin started researching. Anyone that knows my husband understands that he is a professional trave... View Post
  • Passing it on...

    I have to admit I’m kind of blown away by the response I’ve gotten with my Positivity T-shirts. When you are a small business owner, trying to grow, often your customers are your friends and family. Which makes you so grateful, but it also makes you wonder if they’re buying your stuff just to be ... View Post
  • Show your hometown some love

    This post isn’t just for my fellow Syracusians, it’s for all of those who have a deep love for their hometown. This past weekend Kevin and I took our boys to their first college football game. My husband and I are both lifelong fans of the Syracuse Orange. However, Kevin recently pointed out to... View Post
  • Pep talks & spray cheese

    If you know me (or follow me on Instagram), you know we had some big transitions in the Taylor family last week. School was starting, but this year we had two out of three boys going to two new schools. Lincoln was heading to middle school, where his big brother, Nolan, was already well establis... View Post
  • Creating a comforting bedtime routine for your kids...

    As a recovering "worry wort", I recall first hand the anxiety that came with the approaching nightly bedtime as a kid. Sundays were awful. I said goodbye to any sleep the night before a test. And forget about the night before a performance or a big tennis match. But the worst? Prepping to go ba... View Post
  • Help make this school year their best one yet!

    As most parents do, I am really hoping my boys have a happy, confident, successful year at school.  They are three very different children. In every possible way.   From their learning styles, their interests, their personalities... they each have a different path that makes them so unique. One o... View Post
  • Stop selling cookies and candy!

      Try a new idea for your school or organization that people actually want to buy!  Did you know that Annie Taylor Design offers fundraising packages? I have created products that parents and kids both love. Positive message t-shirts and tote bags, organizational notepads, inspirational wall art... View Post
  • Deep greens and blues are the colors I choose...

    A customer recently ordered a bunch of my prints to create a gallery wall for her new office. When I saw what she ordered I had to reach out and ask some questions, simply out of curiosity...

    View Post

A note from Annie

In writing this blog, I wanted to provide a space where you can to get to know me a little better, and share with you where my designs come from. Each one has their own story to go with it.  I LOVE what I do, and I truly hope you can feel that love coming through each of my products.