• Easy Ways to ask your Child about their Day!

    We are now officially back to school in Upstate New York. Sometimes the one word responses I get from my kids when they get home from school gets tiring... How was your day?  -  FINE What did you learn today?  -  NOTHING ----------------------------------------------------------- Meh! If you are ... View Post
  • Gifts for Mom 2022

    Mother's Day is right around the corner - can you believe it?!?   I know that finding that perfect gift to give as a Mother's Day gift can sometimes be a struggle.  You want something meaningful that shows your love, but at the same time you also want it to be something that she will actually use... View Post
  • 5 Ways to Truly Care About the Earth

    Teach your Kids to Care about the Earth and all who live here Let's set the example for our kids by showing them easy, yet impactful ways that we can all make a difference in the planet we get to call home! 1. Recycle and use less plastic♻️ Why is this so important?  Think about what happens to... View Post
  • Spring Cleaning Checklist

    One of the first things I get the urge to do when the weather starts to warm up is to get a dumpster and get rid of everything in my house. Just kidding, well, sort of ;)  What I meant to say is I can't wait to get started on my Spring Cleaning Checklist. I love the feel of a clean home, hav... View Post
  • Top 5 Mom Tees

    I can't speak for all of them, but most of the moms I know would agree that being a mom is the best thing that has ever happened to them. Sure it's also the most exhausting, challenging, grueling and expensive thing ever- but I don't know one mom that would trade it for anything. We love our ba... View Post
  • 6 Tips to get better sleep this spring

    It's time to Rise & Shine! Among the many things we want to clean up this spring, one of them is our sleep hygiene.  So what are the signs that your sleep routine needs some cleaning up? Do you ever have a hard time falling asleep, experience frequent sleep disturbances, or suffer from dayti... View Post
  • 40 Favorite Grandma Sayings

    Who doesn't love a good grandma saying, or a "Grannyism" as I like to call them?  Growing up my grandma had some good ones. My mom, sisters and I love reminiscing about all the gems that came from Gram's mouth. Nothing takes us back in time to sitting on her Davenport (couch) like dropping a "Hea... View Post
  • Almost Homemade Monkey Cupcakes

    My baby turned 10 last week. I can't believe I am typing that. How?!? We brought him home from the hospital like yesterday! I know my years are numbered for him appreciating a homemade birthday cake. I don't bake, so when I say "homemade" I mean I opened the boxed cake mix at home ;)  What I do t... View Post

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In writing this blog, I wanted to provide a space where you can to get to know me a little better, and share with you where my designs come from. Each one has their own story to go with it.  I LOVE what I do, and I truly hope you can feel that love coming through each of my products.  

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