Why I chose to get a makeover...

Not on myself, silly!  My website ;)

The new Jessica Collection


OK so why the make over?

When I first started my business back in 2005, I was exclusively designing wedding invitations and all the pieces that went with that. When I had the site redesigned in 2013 I was still focused on weddings and starting to branch out into personalized stationery (notecards, etc.) 


I felt the pull to create products that were more relatable to the life I live now.  Instead of weddings, life is about being a mom, and doing my best to raise good humans. I now focus mostly on products that are helpful to moms like myself, and kids. Oh, and dogs ;)  I love all animals, but have become kind of a crazy dog lady. Check out my new Pet Sitter Checklist, and hang tight on what's to come with this passion in my business.

We have an entire collection for animal lovers coming out this fall.


So last December a good friend and I had lunch, where she gently brought up the fact that my website could use some updating. It had gotten clunky, and layered, and not as user-friendly as when I was simply designing wedding invites. I kept adding more products, more plug-ins, and just making the whole site slow and less user-friendly.


I didn’t intend for the rebuild to take so long. I thought maybe six or eight weeks. Well here we are, mid July, and it finally went live. Typical Annie, I always drastically underestimate how long anything will take me. Can we just say I am  an eternal optimist? That sounds way better.


But hey, it’s done. And I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out.


Each season I will be releasing new products and announcing new collaborations. I’m super pumped about all the new T-shirts, and tote bags! I’m always on the hunt for more ideas to add to the collections. Message me if you have an idea that fits with Annie Taylor Design. I love getting your feedback, friends.

The teachers at Onondaga Road Elementary requested my "Be Kind. Smile. Pass it on." t-shirts to wear on the last day of the school year.  I think we are onto something!


Stay tuned for my new Kind Kids program launch as well! After years of thinking about this, and trying to find ways to get my kids more involved in their community and teaching them to give back, I’ve come up with a program that I think parents, teachers, schools, and organizations are going to love.


Finally, and not to name drop or anything, BUT... we have some fun celebs and influencers that we design products for, which we then turn into entire new collections to offer you!  Thank you Jessica Alba, Jamie Greenberg, and all!!!

"Does that say Judith Light?!?  Angela from Who's the Boss?"  Yes, it sure does ;)


I am very happy to back, guys. Thank you beyond words for sticking around and continuing to support my small business. I couldn't be more grateful!

Much love, 

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About Annie

Annie’s three boys are her biggest inspiration, of course. They certainly have gifted her with endless ideas to help raise them to be the best little men they can be, and drive Annie to be the best mom she can be. She hopes her products help others live the life she strives for; kind, positive, connected, organized and well intended.