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So I have been walking a ton lately.  Yeah yeah, I have mentioned this once or twice before ;) But it's truly my only time since February that I can be alone with my thoughts. I find I get some of my best work done as I stroll the neighborhood!  It's so easy. I just take constant voice memos and completely disregard the strange stares from people. 

Check out this central New York fall foliage!

To really give you the full visual of me in my walking state, picture this—me  talking and talking away to myself, then suddenly pausing to greet a couple dogs in their front yard. I ask them how their day is, if they are enjoying the weather, reassuring them they are so handsome and such great protectors... ya know, what crazy dog people do. 

What I don't realize is that there is a man sitting on his porch at the house behind me, with his laptop in hand, taking in all of my looniness. I am certain at this point that he was on work zoom call and explaining what he was witnessing to his colleagues.

Was I embarrassed?  Nah, I am past embarrassment at this point. I'm kind of at the mid-life, take it or leave it phase. It's liberating!  

I guess Olive was a little embarrassed.

So to recap, I highly recommend no longer giving a rip how you look and act in public, and especially in your neighborhood. Also, record copious voice memos into your phone for the extra cool factor. Finally post your "wise" words for the world to see on social media.  It's a complete hat trick.  


Here is a free download of my deep thoughts. I call it "Annie's Tips for a Full Life". Yes it might be super corny and obvious (I'm fine with that) but if it's helpful to you, please take it and share! 

Talk to ya again soon, friends!

Oh!, also a black and white version, too!



  • Posted by Jeanette on

    Great post….gratitude has been my saving grace most of my adult life and I live that now it’s a cool thing for people to be aware of. There is always something in all of our everyday lives to be grateful for. I raise my cup of coffee to yours in gratitude

  • Posted by Trina Snow on

    I find the same thing If a get away for enough time to clear my head, come come back home with a renewed out look

  • Posted by Edwinna on


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