Wait, what?! I'm on a magazine cover?

Back in February a local magazine, Syracuse Woman, reached out to me asking if they could feature me and my business in their March family issue.

Of course I was flattered and honored to be asked and I quickly gave an enthusiastic “yes!”

I didn’t really know what the angle of the article would be but I assumed it would be something with my GratiKids products or about how to and get your kids involved in the community in some capacity.

We set up a call to do an interview and it was such a fun and easy chat with. I remember saying to my husband afterwards that I had no idea what I just blathered on about because I felt like I was just talking to a friend. Anyway, the writer, Emma Vallelunga, wrote a really beautiful article about my business and about my crazy family.

I gasped when I saw the new issue at my local Wegmans. My big mug was on the cover! It’s alarming to see your face sitting there staring back at you in a public place that you frequent 2-3  times a week.


I have to thank Syracuse Woman Magazine for this huge honor. I am a very proud Syracusan (that's a word, right?)- born and raised here, left for several years but returned to raise my family. The ladies that have graced this cover before me are such inspiring members of our community, who do so much for others. Women like Juli Boeheim, Farah Jadran, and Caeresa Richardson. I am so proud to mentioned with any of them.

One thing we touched upon in the interview was how my small business fared during this tumultuous year. I am beyond grateful to report that Annie Taylor Design is doing very well despite the pandemic. I was worried that with no in-person gift shows or pop up shops, that ATD wouldn't make it through 2020.

But in fact, the opposite happened.

More people found me online, and everyone was so incredibly supportive. Supporting small business is so beneficial for all communities- and I think this past year reminded us all of that very fact. 

In the article, I in no way wanted to sugarcoat how this past year has gone for me personally. It’s been a real challenge, but I would say by far the hardest part of all of it has been parenting my three sons, ranging in ages 8-13. I have so much empathy for them, and especially for their teachers.* It’s been a real "ride" (like the smelliest, makes you want to vomit, but also makes you laugh, ride at the fair) and I hope other moms can relate to me on this.

*Realized more than ever how invaluable our teachers, and also learned I could never have been one.

One of my quotes from the story:

“We’re always together, and it’s awesome, but sometimes it’s hard to navigate just never getting a break from each other,” Taylor said. “The Taylor Family has ridden the roller coaster like most other families. Some days we are cruising along, getting what we need to [do] done and enjoying the time together. Other days it’s a real struggle.”

And I mean S-T-R-U-G-G-L-E. 

I hope you get the same sarcastic chuckle that my kids got from the cover story headline - Annie Taylor “Hero at home.” Omg did they laugh.

Here is a link to the article for those of you not in the area and not able to grab a copy. They are free by the way! And you can find them at most any grocery store in the free publications area.

Read story here!

Look for it on your way out, near the entrance/exit.


One more local plug. I also want to give a huge thanks and shout out to The Good Life, Central New York Magazine. They also reached out and told my story of Gratikids, and how it came to be for their March/April issue. I cannot wait to get my hands on this stunning magazine. A special thank you goes out to Amy Bleier-Long and Alaina Beckett!



Thanks for the love, you guys. Stay well (and heroic like me!)

Stay tuned for next week's blog post, where I show you all my new stairwell gallery wall and offer a little DIY advice to create your own.


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  • Posted by Jackie on

    What a great honor it is for you to be on that cover and story of all you do.
    So very proud of you. I Never look at your beautiful picture and don’t see your Mom reflected in your eyes.

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