We get by with a little help from our friends...

Although we miss our "people" very much, we are getting by with a little help from our (furry) friends.

It seems as though there has been a puppy boom lately, and the Taylor gang could not be more thrilled about this. Nothing lightens the mood around here like an animal visit. Lately our friends and family have been embracing the time at home and taking on a new fur baby. And believe me when I say we are squealing with delight. Literally, we squeal when we see them, or even mention them.

Zeke, Opal & Charlie— oh my!


Times are hard right now, down right depressing. But I can attest, that nothing, NOTHING, shakes you out of a funk like a puppy. Maybe we should get a fourth dog? Let's see if Kevin reads my blog ;)

We also adore our own dogs and hamsters more that words can say. Sully calls Olive his "little chicken nugget" and asks me all day long if I have ever seen such cuteness in my life. "I just wuv her, mom!"

I'm 100% serious. 

If raising my offspring to be animal lovers was an actual challenge— I would be totally crushing motherhood. 

Just check out this photoshoot with our hamsters.  I mean, seriously?!?


The Queen, Zuzu Petals. We celebrate her adoption 14 years ago from AWS in Kennebunk, Maine this week!  We love this old lady to pieces.

Anyway, I hope you are all hanging in there. If you also require some animal love like us, give us a shout! We got you.

Much love,



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