A simple refresh for your walls, and your home

Every year I cannot wait for the holiday season. 

As pumped as I am to put up the the tree and hang the stockings, I am JUST as ready to take it all down by December 27th. My husband thinks I am nuts, but I just need to declutter after the craziness of the season. I think the crazy is caused by a mix of post Christmas blues, and the desire to completely clean out.

Cue January, the month of simplifying, cleaning out and refreshing.  

A simple way I like to update our stale decor, is by swapping out the art work in our gallery wall.  I LOVE me a pretty gallery wall (we have three throughout our home! See below*)

The wall in our living room is the one I love to switch out seasonally.  Here is a photo of the gallery wall last spring and summer, then I rotated in all my new holiday prints.  

Now, it's time for soothing pastel motivation for the winter months. 

Above is the pastel color palette, and below is the 2020 collection of pastel prints. These are on press now and will soon be hanging above my favorite yellow couch. I sense a theme for the year ;)  

Thanks for reading friends! Please stay tuned for the launch date of my latest creation, GratiKids. This is truly the most excited and proud I have ever been in my professional career. I truly believe we are going to make a huge positive difference in the world with it. Announcement coming later this week!


 *Gallery walls two and three:

This is in the family room, and reflects all our favorite places in the world we have traveled to.

The upstairs hallway gallery wall displays some family photos over the years, and the kids art most adorable work.

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