Tired of feeling so frazzled?

Friend: How are you?
Me: Ugh, I'm just so busy! You?
Friend: Me too! I can't seem to catch up or get out of my own way.
Me: OMG, same! When will our lives feel less chaotic?
Friend: I don't know, when our kids are out of the house?
Me: (Laughs) Sad but true.

Is this you, and your friends? It certainly seems to be the convo I have had over and over (and over!) with my girlfriends for the last several years. And, well, it sucks. I don't want to feel so frazzled all the time. I don't want to wish this time away while my kids are young. I truly want to enjoy them, be present, and not feel so... busy

So how do we do that?  I am still learning every single day, I will tell you that. But I am definitely taking notes and trying to notice what works for me and what doesn't. One thing FOR CERTAIN that helps me stay clearer about my intentions each day, is the morning ritual of writing down some notes about the day as I drink that first cup of coffee (actually it's the second cup. The first one is consumed as I am wrangling the boys to school.) My friend Jess, taught me the importance of setting intentions for the day. It can truly set the tone for the day just by putting it out there in the universe.

Next, I break up my day into work and personal priorities, school commitments, self care, and of course the ever dreaded dinner plan. For whatever psychological reasons there are behind this, the day seems so much more manageable when it's broken down into segments. Just by taking it one thing at a time, I get a sense of accomplishment along the way. And that motivates me to get more of the things done.

Of course my go-to tool for all this organizing is none other than the Seize the Day Notepad It makes perfect sense to me why it's the best seller in the online shop, and why most of our wholesalers can't keep it in stock!

One last thing to share... Our Modern Arrow Organization Collection was chosen for the Old Port Magazine Holiday Gift Guide this year. I am so excited to have ATD selected, and to represent in our other home-state, Maine. Thank you Old Port Magazine!!! Once I get a copy, I will share it right here.

Ok busy friends, carpe diem! And share with me how you use your #seizethedaynotepad!

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