The best way to spread holiday cheer?

Wear our super festive message tees ;)

Pre-order now! Our brand new Holiday T-shirts will be here just in time for the holiday season.  Plus they come in three color choices; red, green and blue.

What inspired this year's design?

Honestly, I wanted to create a simple message of love, unity and simplicity this year. I love that our city/town/school district is very diverse. It's one of the reasons we chose it when we moved back here almost ten years ago. So, let's celebrate it all! And teach that to our kids.

"Children need to understand that in our heart of hearts, we are all the same, we are one. We're simply born with different looks into families with different beliefs, and different traditions; yet we all have the same capacity to love," says Sharon Silver, founder of Proactive Parenting.

Every year the kids and I like to sport festive clothing for school holiday parties, etc. This year, we covered all our friends. 

Me and my big sister, Jen.  Love you, sis!

Let's celebrate happiness, to one and all.

Order now in time for all the holiday celebrations! 



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