The Benefits of Owning Pet

Do you have a pet?  Have you ever stopped and really thought about the benefits of owning one?  Yes, they can add more to our plates as parents, but there are also so many benefits to consider as well!

Pets teach kids responsibility & empathy 🐹 Whether it is providing food and water, cleaning out the tank, bathing, taking for walks, or many other examples kids can participate and take on the responsibility of pet ownership.  Caring for another is always a wonderful lesson!

Pets can help with learning 🐶 Animals tend to calm children and are often used in classrooms settings as a form of therapy. Also reluctant readers can practice reading aloud to their non-judgmental animal friend.

They provide comfort & companionship 🐈 No matter what mood they are in, children find support and security from their animal companion, which often means they are less anxious or withdrawn.

Pets reduce feelings of loneliness 🦜 Having a pet can help ward off feelings of loneliness and isolation.

Pets help teach the circle of life 🌈 Although most parents want to protect their children from the cruelties of the world, having a pet allows kids to understand and learn about the cycle of life. Dealing with the death of a pet can actually help them cope with other challenging life events.

Having a family pet is fun!! 🦎 Whether it is a dog, cat, bird or guinea pig, owning an animal brings enjoyment to any home!

Whether you own one or a few pets and no matter what that pet may be I hope you agree with the many wonderful attributes that pets can bring into families.  Maybe you are someone who was on the fence about getting a pet and this blog has helped you make that decision to welcome a pet into your home!  I would love to hear about your pets and your future pets!

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