Teacher & Staff Appreciation Week is coming!

Can the teachers & staff get an Amen?!? Holy Hannah. What a freaking year.

I think probably every parent out there, who is just beginning to come out of the pandemic fog, is feeling SUPER grateful to their kids teachers. I mean seriously. Teaching is really, really hard. And I am really, really bad at it. 

It's okay, I am actually fine with this fact I know where my strengths lie, and teaching my kids, keeping them focused and on task is NOT one of them. 

This year more than any other, I wanted to create something extra special for our heroic educators. Something that the kids can get involved it, and feels genuine and from the heart.  

Thanks to the help of some girlfriends and sisters who happen to be ridiculously awesome teachers, I think I've created something pretty special this year...

My NEW Elementary Staff & Teacher Appreciation Card Medley!


It’s a pack of 10 notecards customized to several staff members at elementary schools.

There is one for the teacher of course, but also for the principal, the school nurse, the music teacher, the art teacher, the PE teacher, the custodial staff, and the librarian! 

There are also two extras for kids to hand out to any staff member they wish and would like to show their appreciation for. The amazing secretary that holds the fort down perhaps? Or a teachers aid that has made a difference to them? And don’t forget the lunchroom staff! Those ladies (and men!) bust their tails to get warm meals served to our kids five days a week.




 Each card has its own special message and comes in a different color of the rainbow. The kids will love filling these out and delivering them to the teachers and staff! The partially filled lines on the back make it super helpful which is why these are the perfect gift for elementary students to give.


Don't worry, I didn't forget about the middle schoolers!


This pack comes with 5 cards of the same design, and the kids can decide who they want to give them to.  



Let's show our teachers and staff some extra love this year. They certainly deserve it- as well as a hefty raise. Look at these two special teachers above, smiling and keeping kids happy throughout the entire ride. Amen.

Stay well, friends, and thanks for reading!


Some of my other favorites for Teacher & Staff Appreciation week (coming up on May 3-7)
Spring Stationery Set: Includes FRAMED 5x7 "What you do makes a difference" print, 1 set of "Save the Bees" notecards and 2 notepads.
Amanda Gorman Poem, 11x14 Print: Everyone has heard of poet Amanda Gorman by now, right? Well now you can give her beautiful poem to teachers for their classroom.

Positive Parent Mail notepad: Imagine a teacher sending this note home in your child's backpack, letting you know something wonderful your kid did that day at school. Designed in collaboration with a very special 1st grade teacher.
More teacher gift ideas here!

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