Taking it old school

Is anyone else trying to use their phone less??  Ugh, I know I am. 


I preach to my kids the importance of getting off screens, then I turn around and get on mine. This summer, I was planning to leave it home more often, turn it off, and keep it in the kitchen at night. Well, maybe I have cut back a "titch" but I need to keep working on it. 


One way I am choosing to stay in touch with my people instead, is with a good old fashioned, hand written note. And this summer, I have some really fun and colorful, new greeting cards to chose from!



From simple, thank you, congrats, and birthday cards, to heartfelt words of encouragement. I have created a colorful new greeting card line to help us all stay more connected no matter what the sentiment. 


Hand written really is best isn't it?  Think about the feeling you get when in the stack of bills from the mail, there is a sweet little envelope addressed to you in someone's handwriting. That piece of mail always gets opened first, and with the most joy. And just like the saying goes, we really do get more joy from giving than receiving.  


Among many many other things, I have to credit my mom for this habit she instilled in her four daughters. She is the "thank you note queen", as I have mentioned many times over the years, but we are all so thankful for her.  I have so many memories of wandering in gift shops, or standing in the card isle of some store, and laughing with her as we find the perfect card for so-and-so. 



Thank you for inspiring me so much, mom.  I love you!



I challenge you all to put your phones away each day, and go write some hand written cards (don't forget mom!)  We have some cute ones here ;)


Much love, 


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