Maine Inspired

This summer is so strange. I was worried that with no camps, no clinics, no structure what-so-ever, that this summer would be a total $hit show.

What we have discovered (well, so far- the summer is still young) is that the lack of schedule and commitments is quite liberating. Each day we have almost nothing on the schedule. Well, Kevin and I are still working from home, and the boys have daily "jobs" to be done— but for at least part of the days we are pretty much winging it.

To take advantage of what Maine has to offer, we have done lots of fishing, snorkeling, boating, rock jumping, crabbing and biking.  All of which are activities that allow you to be socially distant. It's been really wonderful actually.


"You are my fish in the sea", new 11x14 print that I am about hang in our bedroom.  

Being up here makes me so happy.  Immediately my mind is flooded with memories from my childhood, spending time in Kennebunk with my family. It was, and still is to this day, my happy place. I hope my kids grow up to feel the same warm feelings about Maine and carry on the tradition by bringing their families here.

Team Taylor "boat" ride.

Walking at Rachel Carson Nature Preserve, with our sweet old gal.

"Happy as a Seagull with a French Fry", print

Come to the beaches here and learn the meaning of this expression first hand. Just be sure to lock up your cooler.  Seagulls are smart and persistent!

Olive, Barley and Zuzu are enjoying more walks than ever this summer.  This precious walking time is mommy's only alone time. So needless to say that I am always up for a walk. 

A RARE moment of joy between two rival siblings.  More of this please!

Zuzu at Strawberry Island, again.

"Sea you again soon", 8x10 print. 

Can you see why I love it here so much?

Come visit!

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