Stop selling cookies and candy!


Try a new idea for your school or organization that people actually want to buy! 

Did you know that Annie Taylor Design offers fundraising packages?

I have created products that parents and kids both love.

Positive message t-shirts and tote bags, organizational notepads, inspirational wall art, and more. 

Some happy kiddos, enjoying their lunch notes ;)

Plus, everything is designed and printed locally.

So, you really feel twice as good about where your money is going.

We make it simple, and personalized to you.

Work with Annie to create a collection of customized fundraising products for your schools and organizations.

Above, a sample of the digital sell sheet we provide for you.

Here's how it works:

• Choose from our 3 packages: $500, $1250 or $2500 worth of products, plus shipping

• We offer suggested retail prices on these wholesale packages, or you can create your own pricing.

• Marketing images and digital sell sheets with pricing also included.

• Contact us for information about ordering, deadlines, and marketing your fundraiser!

Will you help us spread the word?

Thank you, friends!

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About Annie

Annie’s three boys are her biggest inspiration, of course. They certainly have gifted her with endless ideas to help raise them to be the best little men they can be, and drive Annie to be the best mom she can be. She hopes her products help others live the life she strives for; kind, positive, connected, organized and well intended.