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This post isn’t just for my fellow Syracusians, it’s for all of those who have a deep love for their hometown.

This past weekend Kevin and I took our boys to their first college football game. My husband and I are both lifelong fans of the Syracuse Orange. However, Kevin recently pointed out to me that I may fall under the “fair weather fan“ category. "What? How dare you?!?"

My immediate response was to adamantly deny this accusation, and defend my devotion to my beloved sports team. 

After I laid the groundwork for my defense, I quietly took a look at my history of being a sports fan. From the Yankees, to the Buffalo Bills, and all Syracuse University sports... I kept up with it all. Yep! I was a true fan.

Or was I? 

I haven't followed the Yankees closely since Jeter retired (and honestly, probably before that.) I stopped watching the Bills and NFL football altogether pretty much after Doug Flutie made the Frosted Flakes cereal box. And my all time favorite SU athlete is Lawrence Moten, class of 1995... which takes nothing away from his greatness, but points out the last time I was a devoted fan.  

Cripes. I think Kevin might be right (but don't tell him I said that.) I USED to be a huge sports fan. But for some reason, I am not as much anymore. I blame motherhood ;)

Anyway, back to the football game. We had five tickets to Saturday’s football game versus #1 in the country,  Clemson— and I was really hopeful I would get a chance to renew my "major fan" status. So we wore all the Orange gear, we tailgated with uber fans/friends, we were pumped to be heading back to the Carrier Dome as a family.

Even the Goodyear Blimp was here!!!

After the first quarter we were not playing well. Ugh! I was already losing hope, and secretly starting to plan my exit at halftime. So, I offered to leave with two of the boys, who were also ready to leave, and Kevin stayed with our middle.

Look at all these cuties wearing their Syracuse Love Tshirts!


So, as it turns out, I am a text book "fair weather fan" :( Ok fine, I can admit it.

I may be in a sports lull, but my love for my home city, Syracuse NY, will never wain. 'Cuse is a wonderful place, and I’m so glad we chose to come back here and raise our family. Now all my sports fandom goes toward cheering on my little boys. Which counts extra in my book! 

I designed my Syracuse Love t-shirts and tote bags for the hometown love in us all, sports fanatic or not. Available now in the shop!


Much love friends, and GO ORANGE!

Ps- 'Cuse IS always in the house! #sorrynotsorry



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    I think what you’re doing is wonderful and inspiring. I can tell you have immense motivation and this is what makes you successful.

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