September is the new January...

September always feels like the new year to me. Kids go back to school... and I get back on track.  But sometimes it feels overwhelming, and I feel like I can't catch up. Sometimes it takes me until October to catch my breath. My coach Jen Liddy gave me a few tips to help, and she wrote about it here. It might help you– so I'm passing it along... check out her workshop this fall to help YOU get back on track and stop the overwhelm.

Get your tickets here– and save yourself from the crazy Fall feeling that I've struggled with for so long.

I am applying this #backontrack advice to all facets of my life. I got back on my yoga mat today after a couple months away from it, and it felt soooo good! Over this past weekend, and even this morning before my class, I was almost in tears over the pain my body is constantly in. What the heck, I'm 40, not 90! I just can't seem to get my body back to where it feels good, and strong, and healthy again.

Fast forward, 75 minutes (the length of the amazing Yin Yang class at Syracuse Yoga), and I feel hopeful again. I know my body CAN heal. I just need to believe it, get to yoga, and get back on track. September is the new January, baby!

Keep track of your progress and motivate yourself to keep going with my Back on Track notepad. I keep mine on the kitchen counter, so I can't help but see it several times throughout the day.

"How you TREAT your body this week, is how your body will FEEL next week."

So, who's  with me? Share with me how you are getting yourself back on track this month with the hashtag #backontrack and tag @annietaylordesign on Instagram! Good luck, friends. I am right here with you.

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