Pep talks & spray cheese

If you know me (or follow me on Instagram), you know we had some big transitions in the Taylor family last week.

School was starting, but this year we had two out of three boys going to two new schools.

Lincoln was heading to middle school, where his big brother, Nolan, was already well established. Meanwhile, Sully was starting at a totally new school... one with a uniform requirement! 

Maybe these seem like small things to adults, but for little kiddos, this was a momentous week of change.

The five of us had just come off of a wonderful summer in Maine, where Sully found a shark puppet in the local toy store, that he became obsessed with (thanks to a very strange Youtube video, where this puppet loves all the cheese... never mind, don't ask.)

The night before the first day was here, and so were all the back to school nerves.  Kevin and I were focused on getting the boys to bed on time, which gave us time for some good ol' pep talks. 

The older two boys seemed excited, a little nervous, but for the most part ready to get the party started.

Sully decided he wasn't going to "that school". So many nerves, so many questions.

We talked it out, we read books about "the worry monster", we reassured him this was going to be okay, and eventually, we just knew he would love it.

Yet still, he refused to try his new school.

Kevin and I worried this was going to be a disaster. How do you force a seven year old to try something new and scary?  

Daddy's answer? Cheese. Spray cheese, no less. 

Kevin told Sully if he tries his new school, and has a positive attitude, he would buy him a can of spray cheese for his shark puppet.  This is not a joke.

And you guessed it... it worked.  Look who came down the next morning, fully dressed and a ready to go (with a smile!)


These two cuties had an awesome start to the year, too. So far, week one was off to great start!

Just so you know we kept our word, Sully got his canned spray cheese. And we all got to watch him feed it to his shark puppet. He even let his brothers take a turn at "feeding" it ;)

So gross. Sorry if you just ate your breakfast.

Thanks for reading friend, and supporting my small business and blog.

Much love, 

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