Our new “normal”

Whoa. How’s everyone doing out there? 

Here in upstate NY, we have been self-quarantined for over a week. It’s been one day at a time at our house.  A little touch and go at times.

Week one looked like this:

Some homeschooling (kind of) mixed with basketball, puzzling, watching old Survivor episodes, hamsters play dates , front door painting, and lots & lots of walking the dogs.

Hammy Love! Plus our others hamsters, Pickle and Dart ;)

New door color!  Red Tulips by Benjamin Moore.  I'm in love.

The last time I hit the store was 10 days ago, and we are doing ok. I mean, I’m craving fresh vegetables like nobody’s business... but I’ll deal. My boys mostly complain about having no snacks. I figure this is good for them. They have to make do, get creative, and learn how to make some more things themselves.

I admit that I go back and forth between feeling total guilt for the lack of “getting things done”, and letting myself off the hook. I always respected teachers and what they do for our children each day. But holy heck, my love and respect just shot through the roof.

This is challenging. But i get comfort knowing we are all in this together. I tell my boys, if we all just do what is right, and what is best for others, we will be ok. Stay home, save lives. It sucks, but it’s what we need to do for now.

Sully's teacher sent the parents this last night. I can't tell you what relief these words are. Thank you Mr. Rys!


Ok, my friends, hang in there! AND, message me to donate $20 and sponsor one of my Teacher Care Packages! I have put together 30 packages so far but now need some outside help to keep it going!  I will pack and deliver to a special teacher of your choice or I can pick for you.  #teacherstudentconnection

Stay strong & stay home!


  • Posted by Katy Moses on

    Love this so much Annie, thanks for sharing! I needed to hear that too!

  • Posted by Jackie Bortle on

    You do such a great job expressing your thoughts and ideas……your honesty comes to the top.
    The boys are so handsome and getting so big. You sure have everything under control.
    Love ya,

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