Ode to a hamster- the best hamster 🐹

To know me is to understand what an animal lover I am- and I seem to have not only passed this on to my sons, but in particular to my youngest, Sully. Nothing makes him happier, cheers his up, or brightens his day like his pets, an animal video from The Dodo, feeding the squirrels and birds out back- anything animal related. He is such a tender hearted and kind person.


So it breaks my heart to tell that last week when Sully went up to his bedroom to check on and feed his hamster, his beloved Hammy, he found him lifeless in his cage (the new Cadillac of cages Sully asked for for Christmas.) His distraught screams echoed down the hall and I immediately felt sick and knew what it must be.

This kind of hamster doesn’t live long, approximately 1-3 years, but we never thought we were even close to the end of life with Hammy. He was the most gentle, happy and lively little guy. He actually loved to be held and squeaked in delight. When Sully would open his cage, Hammy would run right over and crawl into his hand ready for some snuggling. Sully absolutely adored him.



Four years ago our dog Satchel passed away. It was the worst pet loss of my life. Sully was only four at the time, and remembers it, but not well. Having Hammy die will go down as his first true experience with grief. It’s very hard to experience through him. You just want to take it away, and do anything to make him feel better.


The lesson I have learned through the grief I have experienced in my own life, is that you have to go through it- and only time will truly help you heal.  We are only a few days out from Hammy’s passing now, and although it’s still so hard for Sully, each day does get a little easier. His brothers are temporarily kinder to him. I even caught Nolan resting his head on Sully's while watching tv on the couch together the other day (normally they are mad if one toe dares touch their claimed cushion on the couch.)


In the spring we are hoping to make plans to visit a farm sanctuary (when COVID is gone!) He is obsessed with pigs and wants to visit some 🐖💕


Please message me if you have any special advice or tips on helping kids deal with loss of a loved one. Luckily we have these amazing keepsakes from two very talented people, my sister Eliza and my friend Carolyn at Noble Friends.

 Thanks for reading friends.  Have a good week, and stay warm.



  • Posted by Elizabeth on

    Having/ tending to a pet leads to great lessons regarding responsibility, patience, and respecting the life cycle. So glad you didn’t rush out to “stop the pain” by replacing Hammy. The biggest mistake parents make is not allowing their children to mourn and deal with change. Good job!

  • Posted by Alice on

    Hammy was the cutest and sweetest hamster! Sending lots of love and hugs to you and Sully!

  • Posted by Jill Hathorn on

    Aw. This hurts my mama heart. 💔
    We had 2 beloved guinea pigs; Butterscotch and Bowtie. It’s devastating to lose your furry family members. They are buried here at the house. I bought remembrance stones for them. Life lessons are hard, but you are doing a beautiful service to your kids by allowing pets and loving them through the heartbreak.

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