Almost Homemade Monkey Cupcakes

My baby turned 10 last week. I can't believe I am typing that. How?!? We brought him home from the hospital like yesterday!

I know my years are numbered for him appreciating a homemade birthday cake. I don't bake, so when I say "homemade" I mean I opened the boxed cake mix at home ;) 

What I do take pride in however, is my execution of the chosen theme for the birthday. Over the years I have always made each of the boys a cake that represented what they are into at the moment, or some symbol that would spark a happy memory. From robots, alligators and Guinea pigs…this year's cake for Sully was a no-brainer. 

We just got back from our highly anticipated family vacation in the Dominican Republic. One of the top highlights was for sure the day we got to feed wild sugar monkeys in the jungle. All five of us loved it so much. It was pure Taylor bliss 🐒 (Please scroll to the bottom of this post for my favorite photo from this day, the monkey's really loved my husband.)

Ok, the cake theme was decided; Sugar Monkey cupcakes comin’ up!

Sully was so thrilled with my efforts that the first thing he said was "I only like ice cream cake now." Awesome. Well, you get what you get, kid. Happy Birthday.

And happy "baking", friends!

 A few more pics from feeding the monkeys in DR:

How YOU doin?



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