Keep calm — and keep the kids productive!

This is kind of nuts right? But at least we are all in this together.  

As a mom of three I am trying not to panic about what these next three weeks will look like with the kids out of school. I guess this is where we found out if we are cut out for home schooling!

To make my own life a little easier, I created a Daily Quarantine Schedule to help guide our days— and I am sharing it with you. 

Just drag the file to your desktop.  If you have any issues with the file, just message me and I will email you. 

Need even more help keeping the kids motivated? 
Try our best selling Kids Daily Checklist! 

Kids love filling out their Daily Checklist! It helps them keep track of what needs to get done and it lets them see everything they have accomplished that day. For parents, it it's a great tool for getting kids to be responsible and independent. Who knew that one little piece of paper could have such an impact?


Stay healthy, stay sane, stay strong!


  • Posted by Amelie on

    Chore Charts is really work.
    I am a single mother with three children. The evening and morning routine is important. In the evening, children collect backpacks and prepare clothes. They Wake up in the morning, wash their face, brush their teeth, make the bed, etc. We use the Manini app and we have set up a morning and evening routine. Children see tasks, complete them, and mark them as completed. It is a huge relief for parents and children when the morning starts easily.

  • Posted by Jessica on

    Love this! Thank you for sharing!

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