It's me, hi!

I’ve missed you, my friends. For the last few months I have take an unplanned sabbatical from my business. My family needed me more present and available, and I have to say it's been really good. All the sports, family movie nights with Daddy's Famous Popcorn, a couple getaways with the kids, and even the endless driving. I love all of it.


Don't get me wrong, I LOVE my business, and what I do. But all of a sudden my life feels as if it is going way too fast. My babies are now teenagers (plus one pre-teen), and my parents aren't getting any younger. I just don't want to miss anything or have any regrets.


So after a breather, and getting some distance from my work... I am back. But this time in a more intentional way. I am focusing on custom designs for small businesses, schools & organizations for now. It makes me so happy and fulfilled. What I am not currently doing is selling my designs directly on my website. The cost was too high; financially and mentally.

To sum it up, I am your girl if you need any or all of the following; 

  • Branding, logo design and/or marketing pieces for a current or new small  business
  • Unique messages on t-shirts, sweatshirts, tote bags, etc., for your school or organization
  • Custom stationery such as invitations, notecards & stickers, etc.
  • Design help in your home or office; color consultations, gallery wall layouts, home decor design, etc.

I now offer free design consultations by appointment. Email me at to connect. And as always, thank you for sticking with me, supporting me and cheering me on.  I am so incredibly grateful.




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About Annie

Annie’s three boys are her biggest inspiration, of course. They certainly have gifted her with endless ideas to help raise them to be the best little men they can be, and drive Annie to be the best mom she can be. She hopes her products help others live the life she strives for; kind, positive, connected, organized and well intended.