How to make (something resembling) a guinea pig birthday cake

If you read my blog regularly you know couple weeks ago my youngest son Sully experienced his first pet loss. His beloved hamster, Hammy.


You’ll never believe what he asked for for his 9th birthday over this past weekend. No not another hamster. I think he feels he could never have a another one as awesome as Hammy was. He asked for a guinea pig. 😅 


I have no experience with guinea pigs, but being a total softy, especially when it comes to anything animal related, my mind said yes when he asked me. But I knew I was going to have to get Daddy in total agreement. He is the tougher sell.


Well after almost zero negotiating, just Sully’s adorable smooth talking and snuggling, Kevin gave me the “just let this kid have what ever he wants” look. So... Now we have three dogs, two hamsters (his brothers) and not one but TWO guinea pigs. Yup, you read that right.  We have SEVEN pets in our home. We learned quickly you can’t just have one guinea pig. Because they are herd animals you have to have at least two so they can live together. Oh dear Lord! 

However, you know I’m not complaining.  My dreams of having a farm full of animals is coming true!  I just never imagined it would be in our current suburban setting 🤣


The new family members were lovingly named Winston (after a character in the Brambly Hedge book series we just read together) and Phil (after Punxsutawney Phil, the groundhog.) I have to admit I love my kids pet naming skills. 

All of this build up leads me to the big birthday cake reveal. Each year I turn to Pinterest to attempt baking a personalized cake for my sons (unless they tell me how much they loathe cake and beg for an ice cream Cake from the store.)*

*Side note: I am a terrible baker. I don’t measure things exactly and I either under cook or burn all things. So attempting to make a guinea pig cake was a Pinterest fail from the get-go.

You don't need permission to get help from Betty Crocker! I used her boxed cake mix and whipped frosting, plus jelly beans and pink Peeps for the decorations. Gourmet baking at it's finest. Nailed it!

I made the feet out of pink Peeps- so cute, right?

Yes those black jelly beans are guinea pig “pellets” at the back end. #boymom #pottytalkallday


I have to admit I was pleasantly surprised with how it turned out. Betty helped me a lot and no measuring was required. But the best part was that my baby boy was so happy. He got a Winston cake to celebrate his last year in single digits.


Yep! It definitely felt slightly creepy cutting into the cake. I only wish I had made it red velvet like my friend suggested. Full “steel magnolias” style 😂

Thanks for reading, friends!  Happy “baking”!


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