How to make birthdays special... on a budget

We just celebrated a couple birthdays in our family last week, Sully's and Daddy's.

I love celebrating my boys birthdays, but we are also trying to watch our budget. So we got creative, and a little more frugal with the gift giving this year.

For Sully, we skipped the big party, with lots of kids and gifts, etc.

We kept it small and hosted dinner at Granny and Poppy's house. The birthday boy got to choose the meal, and without hesitation he chose... hotdogs ;) Poppy was delighted.

We gave him a kids Fitbit and he's been running circles in the house for the last five days, trying to beat everyone else's daily step count. Perfect for a seven year boy, with cabin fever, in March, in Syracuse.

As for Kevin, I gave the boys each a five dollar budget and we headed to Target. They got to pick out a couple special things they wanted to give their dad for his birthday. We had so much fun hunting around.

We came home with; a dinosaur coffee mug, one Karate Kid T-shirt, some jellybeans, and a box of retro lucky charms, and a jar of Dad's favorite honey. All in, we kept the total under $25 bucks! #nailedit

The boys all made Daddy I homemade birthday card to top it off. And seriously, is there anything better than a homemade card from your kids?  No.

So there you have it. There was nothing expensive, just customized, personalized and thoughtful little gifts he got to open like a treasure chest on his birthday.

A throwback to seven years ago, of Kevin holding his best birthday gift ever.  And little Lincoln looking on.

Happy Birthday Sully and Daddy!



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