My 5 day gut reset


I am on day five of my gut reset and want to shout from the rooftops how much better I’m feeling


So, as it turns out, my body really does know what it needs and what makes it operate at it’s best. 

As I’ve mentioned in a previous post, I worked with a nutritionist last summer to help me heal my gut-  and holy guac- it was so powerful. In about a one month time period, I was able to go from daily chronic, painful stomach aches, headaches, bad sleep and low energy… to feeling the healthiest I’ve ever felt in 43 years. It's true. Promise.


Last fall, for four weeks, with no cheating, I removed all dairy, gluten, alcohol, and meat (I still ate seafood though.) I also tried to limit my sugar intake. I realize that sounds like A LOT, and it is. But ya know what's waaayyyy harder? Dealing with  chronic stomach pains! 


I have too many stories where my night was ruined because of a freaking stomach ache. One time not too long ago, Kevin and I were on a double date with friends. I was so excited to be out, to catch up and to have a yummy meal from one of my favorite places downtown. Before the entree was even served I was out front on the sidewalk, bent over in agony.  We had to box up the meals, call an Uber and get out of there. I was mortified.  Hi Colleen & Matt ;)


I realize I sound like a real health nut now, but I have no regrets about my new lifestyle. And honestly, with just a little bit of meal planning and preparation it's not as hard to try out as you might think. 


When in doubt, think veggies, fruits, and VEGGIES!!!


A couple more crucial things I did at the same time; was drastically upping my water intake to approximately 1 gallon every day, and adding in some really great quality supplements. I highly recommend talking to a nutritionist first, before starting anything new. Then you can hit up your local nature food store for good supplements. This way you can be certain they are of the purest quality. It really does make a big difference!

Here is what I take:

- A probiotic (get the good one- and keep it in the fridge)
- A yeast support supplement, to help keep a healthy intestinal environment
- A supplement that supports microbiome balance
- Digestive Enzymes, which promote optimal nutrient absorption

Another secret weapon that I credit for helping me feel better and for providing me with minerals I might be missing is ConcenTrace. These are mineral drops I simply add to my water. I‘m convinced this has given my skin an extra glow, too!



I kept this clean way of living for almost 8 months. But when I started to get off track again (sneaking a little gluten or dairy more and more often), my stomach pains came back. This time I knew what to do.  In no time I was back on my routine, then I reached out to my people for some recipe inspiration.

I wanted to thank so many of you, my community, my people- for tagging accounts I should check out for a great healthy, vegan and gluten-free recipes. We all fall into a ruts where we get sick of preparing and eating the same things all the time. 


For me, I have to remember to keep inspiring myself by looking through all these wonderful accounts you guys have introduced me too on Instagram, amd all the fabulous recipe pins in Pinterest. 
I've made several new recipes this week and they were all so good, and FRESH to my bored taste buds. 


OK friends, thanks for reading and remember to really take care of your body! It's the only when we get 💙


Some tools I find helpful in getting me into healthy habits again:

Jessica Alba Meal Planner & Fridge List

Follow your Arrow Wellness Tracker


Everyday is a Fresh Start, Inspirational Print



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