Annie's Holiday Survival Guide

Ok friends, here we go. You know how this goes down. All the plans, holiday parties, school concerts, endless lists, volunteering, shopping, decorating, eating, drinking, traveling. The holidays are here. 

And the next six weeks are going to be a blur.  

But this is also my favorite time of year, and I want to enjoy it. You with me?

I want to share some of my favorite things that help me get through the craziness, and remind me to slow down, breathe and enjoy.

1. Cosy Velvet Mule Slippers, by Boden
Did you know that these slippers are actually more comfy because of the way the Brits spell the word "cosy?" It's true.

2. Be Present Round Charm Necklace, by Becoming Jewelry 
Truly my favorite handcrafted jewelry– not only because her pieces are so thoughtful and delicate, but they are also made in Maine. Sigh.

3. Welcome to the shit show, gold foil wine glass, by Chez Gagne
Let's face it, motherhood is a real shit show sometimes.  At least there is wine. Also, I adore this company. I have met the owner, Alex, and she is just as dry and hilarious as her products. Yes, please!

4. Seize the Day Notepad, by Annie Taylor Design
Start every morning by prioritizing and writing down everything you need (or want) to get done that day.  This notepad is a game changes during the busy season.

5. Illumaboost Brightening & Sheild, by Neora  (contact
I use this product twice a day after washing my face, and I love the results. My mid-life skin looks brighter and has less sun spots. #winning 

6. Organic Muscle Rub, by B. Witching Bath Co.
I use this on my always aching lower back and it feels so good- hot and cool. It's perfect on those days I have overdone it a bit. Everyday.

7. New York Candle, by Homesick
Homesick has all the state candles, but my first pick is New York; with scents of the Adirondacks, forest brush crunching underfoot, and the autumn fragrance of pumpkins and apple orchards. Home.

8. Drink more water bottle, Uncommon Goods 
This bottle reminds you to sip your way through two or three full bottles of water per day. Plus it's made of glass and not icky plastic.

9. Wedderspoon Organic Manuka Honey Drops
I've been obsessed with these for the last two cold seasons. They are the absolute best lozenges for a sore throat and taste SO good.

10. Life is what happens while you're busy making plans, 11x14 print by Annie Taylor Design
Nothing reminds me to slow down and enjoy motherhood and my messy life, quite like these words of John Lennon. I love having this print propped right in the kitchen, to see it when I need it most.

11. Love Mug, by Mudworks Pottery 
This handmade mug is the perfect size and has the message I want to see first thing in the morning.

Life is going by way too fast!  Let's slow down, stay healthy, and enjoy it more.

Much love, 

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