Holiday Decorating at the Taylor house

I am usually a stickler for holding off on the holiday decorating until after Thanksgiving. And yes, I will wait to get my tree and put it up until next week. BUT is there any harm in getting the holiday spirit started a little early?  I think, no ;)  

Our way of adding some holiday magic to the house, without having to do much work is very simple.

I already have frames hung or displayed on shelves/tables/counters throughout our home. Using what we already have, I easily just slip in a festive print in the front of the current art. Voila! Instant holiday cheer.

No new nail holes, or purchasing of the perfect frames. PLUS, all holiday prints are marked down temporarily, so grab some today!

Another tip? Save the prettiest holiday cards you get this year for next year's decor. Added bonus? They have serious sentimental value.

Happy (and easy!) decorating, friends!

Stay tuned for Annie's upcoming holiday sales and promos!


Also, Syracuse friends, come see Annie at the 10th Annual Buy Local Bash, tonight!!! Only $5 at the door to shop these wonderful, locally owned, independent businesses of Central New York!  Bring your shopping lists!



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