Help kiddos connect during quarantine

Ok, here we are, at the end of week one of quarantine. How is everyone doing? I have to admit, that I am struggling a little bit. 

It's not being stuck at home that's the hard part. I actually love being home, my cozy place. I feel like I get out plenty each day because I have 3 dogs that need walking. And we have plenty of food (ok, we're getting sick quite of it, but we'll deal.) 

I think it's more the lack of connection to others that is bringing our house down.

I know we have phones and email, but that still feel less personal. I miss really being with my people. And I KNOW the boys are feeling it too.

Sully's wonderful 1st grade teacher from last year asked me to create some stationery for her to communicate back and forth with her students during this uncertain time. How wonderful is she?!?

I LOVE a special assignment like this, so I got right to it.

I am giving you guys this freebie. Just copy it to your desktop. It's sized to print easily onto letter sized printer paper.

Will you send me a photo and tag me on Instagram and Facebook if you are using it?  

ALSO! I'm creating some printed stationery in a smaller notecard size. Let me know if you are interested in ordering these!

I'll have a kids version, a mom-to-mom version, and a version for everyone!  Pre order now!  Sets of 10 with cheerful colored envelopes (to raise spirits!) for $15 each.

Stay positive, and stay home!

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