Give kids the gift of gratitude this holiday season 🎁

We have a brand new gift box that we think you’re gonna love to give...

It’s our Gratitude Activities gift box! 

This curated collection of products makes it super easy to give more thoughtfully this year and helps teach kids gratitude through action.

Here is a little sneak peek at the gift box...

Included is a variety of activities that help teach kids empathy, kindness, self-care and gratitude- with ideas on how to use it for good in the community. Supplies provided for 1-2 kids (with an option to add on for 3-4 kids.)

Our gratitude activities consist of painting framed inspirational prints to give to residents at a senior living center or patients staying at the Children’s Hospital. 

Also included are my unique kids thank you notes- with partially filled lines on the backside.

Remember, writing handwritten thank you notes is a life skill that needs to be taught!

Other products/activities include:

  • Kids Daily Checklist
  • Kindness Notes
  • Gratitude Deposit Slips with deposit box 

Who knows what the next six months will look like. Are we going to be quarantined and stuck home again? Will the kids be in school? No one can truly predict. What I DO know is that the world needs more goodness right now- and we hope our kit helps to nurture kids to care, learn and grow!

Our wish is that the Gratitude Activities Gift Box will inspire all of you to not only give more meaningfully this year, but also shop small to help support small businesses like mine.

With sincere gratitude, 


  • Posted by Sandra Bushnell on

    Annie you aced it with the zebra sleeved shirt. You look beautiful! Just wrote your Mom to tell her I loved it.

  • Posted by Morgan on

    I love how unique!

  • Posted by Patricia A Webb on

    Love going through your designs and seeing all the love, care and kindness in them. Wonderful.

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Annie’s three boys are her biggest inspiration, of course. They certainly have gifted her with endless ideas to help raise them to be the best little men they can be, and drive Annie to be the best mom she can be. She hopes her products help others live the life she strives for; kind, positive, connected, organized and well intended.