February "break" recap

 We just finished up with our winter break here in upstate New York.

The boys had a week off— even though it feels like they JUST went back to school after Christmas break. And now spring break is less than 6 weeks away.  Do they even go to school?? 😉

Since daddy had to travel for work we made it a staycation instead of planning a fun trip away.*

Here are the winter break highlights:

(Lowlights are the hours I allowed the kids on screens because Mama needs a break... but let's move on):

1. We are now members at the go-kart-money-pit at the mall. But who is the real winner here?

2. The boys and I pretty much stayed in our pajamas until well past noon everyday, then we ordered pizza delivery three times, possibly four. 

Zuzu slept in everyday ;)

3. We got to catch up with some friends and family we hadn't been able to see as much lately. Granny (my mom) sewed them the cutest hamster pouches to carry around their well-loved little rodents.


4. We took a mini road trip to the Poconos in Pennsylvania to an indoor water park (What's the incubation period for athletes foot and impetigo?) Ok, this sounds awful, but we had a ball.  AND I went on some of the scarier waterslides! #funmoms

Okay, so it's not the winter getaway of most people's dreams, but we did it. Also, it makes us anticipate the upcoming spring like no one else!


*Side note; please remind me to plan a warm getaway for next February.

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