Ever heard of Harp Design Company ;)

Do you guys recall our Texas road trip last spring?  Ok, we didn't drive all the way to Texas.  We flew into Dallas, road tripped for about a week, then flew out of Austin. It was one of our favorite family trips of all time, and i think it totally counts as a road trip ;) We Loved this family vacation, with a capitol "L". We still talk about all the time; "Remember when we rode horses at the dude ranch?",  "Remember when we swam in that cool hotel pool?" "Remember Captain Chris and MaryBeth's boat on Lake Travis?" We knew right away that this trip would be one that the boys would remember for the rest of their lives.

One stop we had to make was in Waco, TX. I am sure you can guess why.  It's the home of the mega stars from HGTV's Fixer Upper, Joanna and Chip Gaines.  We toured their Magnolia store and beautiful grounds... and, oh my word. It's so lovely, very well curated, and felt immediately that my products should be in there ;)

We also wanted to make sure we found the headquarters for Joanna's famous woodworker "Cliiiiiiiiiinnnntt" (said with a heavy and drawn out southern accent.) Clint Harp and his team at Harp Design Company make the most gorgeous, one-of-a-kind pieces out of recycled wood. He is sweet, kind, uber talented, and also now has his OWN show on DIY network called Wood Work.

While I was in the Harp Design Co shop, I couldn't help but snag some beautiful gifts (umm, for myself.) One of the items I grabbed was a hand carved wooden heart shaped bowl.  It was so "me." I thought I would use it as a "catch all" at out entry way, but it's so sweet that it ended up on our living room coffee table and is an adorable conversation piece.

Last month we had a fun photo shoot with a local Syracuse publication and I snapped a few photos of our (clean) house on my iphone, then posted one on Instagram. This photo had Clint's Wooden Heart Bowl in the frame. Someone at Harp Design Company saw it, and then reposted the photo on Instagram!  I was so honored!!! It was also so cool to see my living room in their feed :)

I wanted to share this story because this moment was so impactful for a small (small!) business owner like myself. I am so humble and grateful when influencers like Clint and Kelly Harp take notice of businesses like mine. I am sure they felt the same way when they were getting their start, and it means the world to all of us entrepreneurs. THANK YOU CLINT AND KELLY!

All the heart (bowls) for everyone! Love,

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