Brown snow, crocuses & some optimism

Yeah we might have dirty brown snow everywhere right now, but did you see that adorable crocuses popping?


Happy March, everybody. We can say that, right?

I know, I know. I live in Syracuse New York, AKA the snow belt. So in no way should I start pretending spring is almost here. Last year it snowed on Mother’s Day for crying out loud. However I am someone that looks to find the positive in situations- no matter how deep I might have to dig 😏


So let’s find a few things to celebrate this month:

Spring ahead time! 🌞

We change the clocks on March 14th. While some may focus on the loss of an hour of sleep, try instead focusing on the light we gain in each day. Longer days are on the horizon.


Tulips at Wegmans! 💐

We may not be warm enough to have a farmers market open yet, but we have Wegmans, and Wegmans has lots of six dollar tulips! You can guarantee that I will keep a bouquet somewhere in my house  to perk up my mood.


College Basketball 🏀

Even if you’re not that into sports or basketball, March madness is a little something for everyone. Fill out a bracket with your kids and make it a fun competition. Maybe there is a fun prize for the winner too (like a bag of favorite candy or junk food?!)

📣 Stay tuned for this original inspirational poster giveaway contest coming to Instagram soon! I only printed 2 of them, and you are going to want one! 📣

Click on the image above to follow me on Instagram.  I am announcing the contest later this week!

Also, can I make the case to whomever is in charge at the NCAA Men's Basketball Selection Committee- that Syracuse University deserves a spot!  They have been through it all; Covid cases, injuries, cancelled games, and they are still hanging in there. Pretty please, with sugar on top???

So even though March is typically the month I dread the most all year, I am choosing to see the positive. Bring on the glimpses of sun, the crocuses, and the Covid vaccine!  I'm more than ready.

One last new Inspirational Desk Calendars sold out before 2020 was over.* BUT, I wanted to share this month's colorful calendar with you to use as wallpaper for your computer desktop or phone. Click on the files below!

*Note to self: Order way more calendars for 2022.

March Calendar quote: “Identify and learn from mistakes- then try again.”

Wallpaper for desktop

Wallpaper for phone


Thanks for reading, friends. Talk to ya soon, and don't forget to seek out the positive and signs of spring! 

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