Annie's August DIY Project

Homemade Wood Signs

I love making my own homemade signs to hang all over the house, and to give away as gifts. Instead of buying a reproduction, made-in-China version at your local TJ Maxx, try making one yourself. I promise it’s quite simple, and when it's complete you will have something totally unique and customized!

If you are doing special shapes, a jig saw is super handy.  AND if you have a handyman like me, you have struck gold. He just adores when I have DIY projects I would like help with ;)

The seals are a cute reminder of all the Harbor Seal sightings had this summer. We loved seeing them so much. Hoping they all escaped the sharks!


You could proudly display your town or family name, or hang a welcome greeting or positive message for all the neighbors to see! This summer I made something fun to add to the outside of our house, as a nod to the wonderful summer we had and all the marine mammal sightings. I love creating things like this and putting my stamp on the places we love, and having a fun visual reminder of the great memories my family has made.

Here is our friendly yellow "Hello" sign on our front door step, a welcome message during a global pandemic.

I also try to use old scraps of wood we have in the garage or shed, so I don’t have to spend the money on anything new— plus it's much more earth friendly 💙 🌎  

Supplies you'll need:
• Scrap wood
• Spray paint
• Paint pen or paint with brushes for filling in letters/numbers/etc.
• Projector
• Computer/lap top/tablet (to create the art/words)
• Jig Saw (only if cutting out specific shapes- like a seal)

Get creative and good luck!  Reach out if you want help, and please share your homemade signs with me.

Much love, 

Ps- I'm thinking of making a hamdmade "SLOW DOWN!" sign to hang on the tree at the end of our driveway.  Too aggressive??? 

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