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I want to preface this post by saying that I am no longer following the daily quarantine schedule. That lasted a few days at our house. And then everyone hated mommy. I am posting it here in case anyone is actually finding it useful still, and if so— please let me know!  I’ve decided to remove mom guilt from my plate of things to obsess over.

Now I am trying to focus on taking each day as it comes and just get done what I/we can. I don’t want my kids to look back on this time and thinking their mom as a drill sergeant. I’ve got to work on how to be more fun... and I’m taking any and all suggestions from you guys. Please.

So a good friend of mine who uses my printable’s regularly asked me if I could repost them all in one place for her. I thought this is a great idea. I want to make it easy to download all the freebies I have designed for you over the last 6 weeks. From Zoom Call Schedules, to Scavenger Hunts, to Pen Pal Notes— it's all right here.

Feel free to print out as many you wish!  And share, share, share!

And if it isn't weird to ask, will you send me a photo I can share of your little ones using any of my products?  I just love seeing them out there in action!

So far here is the list of downloads:

• Birthday Calendar

Daily Quarantine Schedule

Pen Pal Letter

Zoom Call Schedule

Cemetery Scavenger Hunt

GratiKids Thank You Notes to Essential Workers


This is the bulletin board of a middle schooler, crushing the Zoom Call Schedule.

Adorable Xander working on his Daily Quarantine Schedule

Family fun at the cemetery with our scavenger hunt.

What does this photo of Lincoln as a 4 year old (now almost 11) have to do with this post? Absolutely nothing. I found it while cleaning out recently, and It's just too good to not share with the world.

Also, I hope you will tune into my new GratiKids Storytime & Activity on Instagram. For approximately 30-60 minutes each Tuesday, I will read to your kids and then lead them in a followup activity!  I even got some little boys, dogs, and hamsters to help out.  Check it out, here.  Tell your friends for me!

Hang in there guys, we are gonna be ok.

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