A pandemic friendly holiday outing


Anyone else going a little stir crazy? I think we need to prep for a long winter, indoors, and distanced from people.

But we will get through this!

In the meantime, Sully and I came up with a fun idea for families to try out this holiday season. While walking our dogs one night recently, we were admiring the neighborhood holiday lights, and really appreciated the early decorating this year.

Sully asked if we could drive around other neighborhoods and see what lights they have too. Of course this is something we have done for years, but I guess he doesn't remember. We pile into the family truckster and check out other nearby neighborhoods on the nights we just needed to get out of the house. Three boys, close in age- you get it ;)

This year we thought we would turn it into a contest for extra fun factor. We will call it, wait for it...

The 2020 Holiday Lights Contest! It's genius!  

For the month of December, choose a few nights to pile into the family car, explore new neighborhoods in your town, and take in the lights of the season. ­Use our freebie below to make it a fun game (include other families to partake and compare notes!)  Choose your top three favorites, plus an honorable mention. Then at the end of the season, choose the Grand Prize Winner!  

We would love to see your winners.  Please share on Instagram and tag us! Let's use the hashtag #ATDHOLIDAYLIGHTSCONTEST in order to find each other and connect.

Have fun out there, and stay safe!

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