A look inside our colorful home

Last fall I was asked by a beautiful local magazine if I would be interested in having my home featured in their January/February issue. Central New York Magazine was doing a story about winter whites and very pale products and decor. Of course I told her I would be honored, but I had to be up front. My house is almost the polar opposite of that color scheme. The only thing white is the color of the walls. After that, it's pretty much a "riot of color."

Our home is decorated with bright, saturated colors, some might even say it's loud (literally and figuratively.) After explaining to Amy, the content editor, and sending her a few iphone photos, she and her editor loved the idea of doing a spring story on color inside my home. Lots and lots of refreshing color ;)

I can't share all the photos here, you need to pick up the latest edition of Central New York Magazine: The Good Life, if you can! But here is a little look. The feature was so much more than I could have imagined. My husband, our three sons, three dogs and the the stories and influences behind what we love so much about our home were all thoughtfully included. I am honored. Thank you Amy! You are a beautiful writer.

Thanks for reading, friends.

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