8 fun facts about Annie

8 fun facts about myself... that you may not already know 😉

1. I studied abroad in England in 1997 and it truly changed the trajectory of my life. I also met my future husband soon after i returned home to the states- and we bonded over the fact that he had just gotten home from studying in England himself 🇬🇧

2. My childhood bestie and I text regularly with quotes from our favorite movies of our youth; today’s was from Grandpa Joe in Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory. “Good morning, look at the sun!” 🍫

3. Each of my sons was unintentionally given a last name as a first name. It’s a pain every time they have an appointment anywhere. “Is Sullivan the first or last name?” 😅

4. I love being a Seagan (made up word of being a Vegan who also occasionally eats seafood.) I’ve honestly never felt better in my life. 🐄 🐓 🐖

5. Kevin and I used to have 4 cats (yes FOUR!) and we temporarily trained them to use the toilet when we lived in Texas, (back in the year 2000.) When one left poop on the toilet seat we realized not only was this unnatural but also really gross. We reverted back to a giant litter box 💩

6. I gave up drinking alcohol at the end of the summer as a reset for my body. It was only going to be for the month of September, however i felt so good that i haven’t gone back. And i LOVE wine. More to share on this to come! ☕️

7. Growing up our house of 6 (4 daughters) was referred to as Little House on the Prairie by the neighborhood kids. I still haven’t decided if that was a compliment or not 👒

8. My mom and dad met at a Syracuse University football game in 1965, and have been together ever since. It was a touch down 🏈


If you reading this, I am challenging YOU to post 8 fun facts about yourself too.  Tag me on Instagram!  It's a silly yet loving way to connect on social media, rather than just mindlessly scrolling.

Much love!

Also, are you guys partaking in a month of gratitude challenge? It's never too late to start!  Download my calendar of ideas here.



  • Posted by Jeanette on

    I love your blog!!! I feel like you could have been my daughter if I’d had one.
    In spite of the challenges I have worked to live with I lead a very grateful life. I took on the attitude of gratitude very early on in my life when I was led to journaling through some great teachers. I may not pick up my pen every day but I always speak out loud to the universe my gratitude list for the day
    I too live in upstate NY not far from SU in the beautiful finger lakes area

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