6 Tips to get better sleep this spring

It's time to Rise & Shine!

Among the many things we want to clean up this spring, one of them is our sleep hygiene. 

So what are the signs that your sleep routine needs some cleaning up?

Do you ever have a hard time falling asleep, experience frequent sleep disturbances, or suffer from daytime sleepiness? These are the most telling signs of poor sleep hygiene. An lack of consistency in sleep quantity or quality can also be a symptom of poor sleep hygiene.

1. Consistent bed & wake times
As a mom, I find this one challenging. My days and my routine often get derailed by something completely out of my control. My entire family knows that mom likes to go to bed early. Sure they tease me for it, but hey, I want to feel fresh and ready to tackle another day first thing each morning. Who is still laughing at mom come 6am wake up call? Not me ;)

2. Keep bedroom dark, quiet & cool
My husband likes our bedroom cold, like COLD cold. Meat locker cold. My feet are like frozen blocks of ice at night. I have to agree, however, that I sleep pretty darn well in there. We also draw the shades and have a fan on for white noise.  I read an article that we are constantly and subconsciously recreating the soothing comfort we felt in our mother's womb. So except for the freezing cold part, I think we are nailing it.

3. Unplug from all screens
This went some being a no-brainer five years ago (like, duh!?!) to a problem for me. I admit I am addicted to my phone (I'm working on changing that!) So grabbing it to scroll the news and social media before bed became a regular thing. On the nights I intentionally choose not to pick it up, and read an actual book, I always fall quicker and stay asleep!

4. Wind down with reading, meditation or a bath
Just like I remember my own mom doing when I was a kid (or a bratty teen), a warm bath in the evening sends a signal to your body that it's time to relax. If you are into meditating, this is a great time to practice- right at bedtime. My sister sent me a nighttime meditation from YouTube that I play from my nightstand sometimes. All I can say is that I am sound asleep before it's half way over.

5. Imagine something pleasant
This one I tell my little guys often. When they are worrying about something or saw something scary that their big brother was watching on tv, I tell them to think about a happy memory or imagine themselves sitting on the beach they love.  Anything pleasant to get lost in and try to relax.

6. Avoid heavy meals, caffeine & alcohol
Well... this is a big one for me. I am still working on the overeating part ;) I love to eat, and I often over eat at night. Sit me down with a big bowl of pasta, some bread and finish it off with some chocolate or ice cream- and I'm a happy and stuffed little piggy. However this doesn't make for great sleeping.  More like a huge bloated belly that is working overtime to do it's job. I have stopped doing this as often since making some dietary changes (I'm mostly vegan now and have never felt better!)

Caffeine is pretty obvious. No need to over explain that one.

As for the alcohol piece, this used to be an issue too. I LOVED wine, probably too much. On the nights I drank I would fall asleep no problem, but it wasn't great quality sleep. Waking at 3 am, then tossing and turning until the alarm went off, was not a refreshing way to begin a new day. Not everyone needs to completely cut out alcohol, but do recommend drinking small amounts of it, and not too close to bedtime.

Save this graphic on your phone as a reminder! 

Getting a great night of sleep is truly a game changer. No wonder Gram called it "beauty sleep." It's true!  I hope these tips help you get better sleep too.

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