6 front door colors for serious curb appeal

When we first moved into our house in Syracuse, our front door was the same color as the house, a dingy white. The first thing i did was paint it a warm teal. #priorities

Teal in 2013-2015

Little did I know that over the course of 10 years I would change the front door color seven times. It’s such a cheerful and inexpensive way to give your house a facelift. Side note: the neighbors think I’m totally strange ;)

Coral Gables in 2016

Daring Yellow in 2018

Hummingbird Green in 2019

Red Tulips in 2020

Brilliant Blue in 2021

I am so grateful to have these photos to look back on. All our beloved pets, the kids growing before our eyes, my ever changing hair style and color, and the inviting entryway of the place we call home 🏡 

I'm still obsessed with the current blue and I am not ready to change it yet. But sometime down the road I will get an urge to update it again. And when I do, what color would you like me to try?

Thanks for reading, friends!

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