5 years ago this week...

A photo from my very first homepage slideshow!

I meant to post this last week, on the actual five year anniversary of ATD, but I was sick on the couch almost the entire week :(  So here we are, a week later, but healthy again!

Five years ago this week, I pressed the "live" button on the new Annie Taylor Design site. I was so beyond excited to have a professionally designed site (thank you Two Brunettes!), new products, and gorgeous photos (thank you Alice G. Patterson)! I had been designing wedding invitations at that point for almost 10 years, but this felt like I was taking it to the next level. I was finally a professional. My boys were one, four, and six (omg)! I was ready to hit the wedding market by storm, and hopefully become the most successful invitation designer in my area. Bahahahah!

I hit the ground running, and landed some of my dream wedding clients. No joke. From a wedding in the English countryside, where the couple was very involved in animal rescue and the protection of endangered species... to a granddaughter of President George H.W. Bush and her wedding in Kennebunkport, Maine. I was in my glory.


After a couple more years of weddings and parties, and all the pretty little details that fall into the "invitation" category: the invites themselves, programs, maps, itineraries, I started dabbling in more personalized stationery. I was feeling more of a need to connect with the next phase of my life centering around parenting, and connecting with other moms and women my age.

In the Fall of 2015 I opened my online shop and focused mainly on thank you notes; organizational notepads for women; and some kids' products, like lunch box notes and daily checklists. My new "baby" was released, the Seize the Day Notepad, which became, and still is my all time best seller. I started dreaming about the possibilities of getting my work into retail shops.

I am so grateful to these wonderful independent shops that took a chance on me.  I have developed wonderful relationships with the owners of each of them, and look forward to adding more and more darling shops to the list! Look out for a super fun collaboration I have been working on for months with Daytrip Society in Kennebunkport, Maine, launching this spring!

Another thing I love? My scrumptious boys who "get to" model the kids' products for me. For every cute shot Alice snaps, we also get lots of hilarious bloopers... these of course become my favorites.

I love where my products have taken me. Designing stationery, notepads, and more is so much fun.  Oftentimes my designs come from a need like my Note to School or the Babysitter Checklist.  Coming soon is my new Pet Sitter Checklist! We can't forget about our fur babies. Some of my favorite work centers around schools which are then used for fundraisers :) Do you have an idea for a tool that I could create for you? Or do you know of a store that would benefit from carrying my products? Reach out! Email me at annie@annietaylordesign.com Thanks, friends!

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Annie’s three boys are her biggest inspiration, of course. They certainly have gifted her with endless ideas to help raise them to be the best little men they can be, and drive Annie to be the best mom she can be. She hopes her products help others live the life she strives for; kind, positive, connected, organized and well intended.