3 things I am obsessed with right now...


1. Podcasts

For the last year I have completely delved into the world of podcasts. Thanks to the recommendations of several friends and my (thanks Dave, Kate & Jen!), every dog walk I take (x 3 dogs!) has become an opportunity to listen to whatever tickles my fancy in that moment. Here are my absolute favs:

Interview style podcasts:

• Arm Chair Expert with Dax Shepard (I have become a big fan of his. Love his smart and thoughtful insight)
• Conan O'Brien Needs a Friend (He's so honest, endearing and hilarious. His interview of John Oliver had me cry/laughing through my neighborhood)
• How I Built this with Guy Raz (The stories behind some of the most amazing entrepreneurs)
• The Rich Roll Podcast (See obsession #3 below. This guy has motivated me to keep it going)

True crime stories:
(If you know me a little, you know that I am a HUGE wimp— a still afraid of the dark kind of wimp, but I seriously couldn't stop)

• Tunnel 29 (My kids listened to this one and were enthralled!)
• Catch and Kill with Ronan Farrow (How he helped take down Harvey Weinstein)
• Up and Vanished with Payne Lindsey (Trust me, you won't be able to turn off)
• Chasing Cosby (Holy crap, Bill Cosby was WAY worse of a person that I ever imagined)
• To Live and Die in LA (This was the first one that I listened to and got me hooked on podcasts)
• Dirty John (Then follow up with watching the mini series on Netflix)
• Bad Batch (After getting 3 injections into my spine last year, this one made me stop a think a bit. Chilling.)

Do you guys have any that I simply MUST listen to?  Please send me some reccos that i can share with my podcast tribe.


2. The Enneagram: 

It's one of those words that kept popping up randomly last year. I didn't know a thing about the enneagram— but when my sister, Jen, recommended a book called "The Road Back to You", I decided it was time to jump in. 

I am a person that really enjoys learning more about why I am the way I am, and what roles I tend to take in my relationships with others (like my hubs, kids, sisters, and friends.) The enneagram is is basically a tool for understanding ourselves and others. You have to do the work to figure out which number (or personality type you are is all.)

I have read the book twice, some chapters 4 times, and taken all the online tests and I have it narrowed down to two possibilities. I am either a 4 or a 9. Once you really get into this, it's fun to say things like "oh he is such an 8", or "wow that's such a 2 thing to say." Super dorky, super fun. 

There are also tons of podcasts that teach you more about the enneagram, and interviews with people with your "number." Full nerd-fest. 

Read more about it at the Enneagram Institute.


3. Veganism
(I hope you don't find this preachy at all, this is simply my own experience and I wanted to share with you)

For years I have been contemplating becoming a vegetarian like my sister Eliza.  She visited a turkey farm on a class field trip when in elementary school, and came home distraught. Our mom said she never touched any meat again. And it’s true, she hasn’t to this day. 

Being the crazy animal lover I am, I'm surprised it took me 42 years to come the conclusion that I don't want to eat meat anymore. I dabbled in vegetarianism  here and there, giving up certain things, but then always went back to it. 

I had watched a few documentaries last summer that made me really think more about choosing a plant based lifestyle. My sister Marti (yes I have a lot of sisters!) told me about one called "What the Health", and it really opened my eyes. So I stopped eating cheese (the last of the dairy I was still hanging on to) and all red meat. This seemed like something I could easily do.

So when my dear friend, Alice, challenged me to try Veganuary, I accepted the challenge. Veganuary is simply committing to a vegan lifestyle for the month of January.

I cut out chicken and replaced it with tofu, beans and lots of veggies. I made approximately 2-3 soups a week and lived off them for days. I can share which ones were the best if you're interested. I also got an extra boost of extra protein from a chocolate flavored pea powder that I mixed with Ripple milk. It's delish!  Eating out wasn't as easy, but there is always something I could find. There are definitely more options popping up these days too! But I also think we saved some money by eating at home more this past month.

I have to say I feel really good. One month of no meat or dairy (confession: I totally snuck bites of the Friday night pizza delivery) wasn't even that hard. As long as I meal prepped and had food ready to go, I was totally satisfied. After years of stomach issues, assuming it was a gluten sensitivity, I realized my gut needed me to make some changes.  Added bonus? My hormonal skin cleared up and has a new glow to it. Coincidence? I think not ;)

So, will I keep it going you ask? I really think I will. Although being in Maine in the summer will be a challenge. I LOVE seafood. My husband found a new term I could get behind. Seagan; a seafood eating vegan, for those looking for a healthier diet but unable to go “whole-hog” vegan — so long as they stick to sustainably-fished, low-mercury seafood.

A couple more great documentaries; "The Game Changers" and "Cowspiracy."
Also, my Insta feed is mostly filled with animal sanctuaries now.  Favs are Goats of Anarchy, Enchanted Farm Sanctuary, Boochaces, and Pitbulls and Addicts.

Two of my top reasons for going plant based, Barley & Olive.

Whew! Thanks for reading and keeping an open mind. I would love to hear any thoughts you guys have, just keep them positive ;) Podcasts, Enneagram insights, or Vegans (and Seagan!) recipes or Insta accounts I need to check out!

Much love, 


  • Posted by Eliza on

    Love all the podcast recommendations!
    Vegan is so hard, but I love the journey😘😘

  • Posted by Terri Marie gondek on

    I’ve had the same feeling. I felt like I wrote this about myself! Haha!! Great thoughts annie!! I’m still leery of podcasts!! My boyfriend loves them. Mostly ones of former wrestlers Haha!

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