• Annie's Holiday Survival Guide

    Ok friends, here we go. You know how this goes down. All the plans, holiday parties, school concerts, endless lists, volunteering, shopping, decorating, eating, drinking, traveling. The holidays are here.  And the next six weeks are going to be a blur.   But this is also my favorite time of year,... View Post
  • The best way to spread holiday cheer?

    Wear our super festive message tees ;) Pre-order now! Our brand new Holiday T-shirts will be here just in time for the holiday season.  Plus they come in three color choices; red, green and blue. What inspired this year's design? Honestly, I wanted to create a simple message of love, unity and... View Post
  • Be the friend that doesn’t forget birthdays

    Be the friend that doesn’t forget birthdays.   I used to be that person, I never missed a birthday.  Now I’m always sending the belated bday card because I got distracted and didn’t realize what day it was. Sound familiar?   I have a lot of friends and family birthdays coming up in November and ... View Post
  • What I discovered through meal planning...

    My good friend has inspired me to get back to meal planning. Amen for great friends! She and I walk our dogs together and the entire time we are strolling the neighborhood I am salivating over the details of her planned meals. She is a super busy mom of three, with a full time job, and a husband... View Post
  • A visual reminder for all parents...

      I’ll be brutally honest. I have been really struggling with my parenting lately. Gah! All the fighting, the whining, the unkind words being thrown around has broken me down. Last week my husband was away, and it felt like the longest week ever. I felt like my boys were trying to see if they cou... View Post
  • Putting your passion into words...

    Do I love my job? Yes I sure do. Just check out the smiles on these little girls! Most days, I am surrounded by boys, and dirt, and fart jokes. I actually can't even believe I typed that word. I wasn't even allowed to say it growing up. But now, "potty talk" is a part of my everyday life, and w... View Post
  • The Taylor's do Disney!

    Kevin and i decided a long time ago that we would take the boys to Disney. Once. When they are old enough to remember it and somewhat appreciate it.  Well last year we decided 2019 was the time. So Kevin started researching. Anyone that knows my husband understands that he is a professional trave... View Post
  • Passing it on...

    I have to admit I’m kind of blown away by the response I’ve gotten with my Positivity T-shirts. When you are a small business owner, trying to grow, often your customers are your friends and family. Which makes you so grateful, but it also makes you wonder if they’re buying your stuff just to be ... View Post

A note from Annie

In writing this blog, I wanted to provide a space where you can to get to know me a little better, and share with you where my designs come from. Each one has their own story to go with it.  I LOVE what I do, and I truly hope you can feel that love coming through each of my products.