• We get by with a little help from our friends...

    Although we miss our "people" very much, we are getting by with a little help from our (furry) friends. It seems as though there has been a puppy boom lately, and the Taylor gang could not be more thrilled about this. Nothing lightens the mood around here like an animal visit. Lately our friend... View Post
  • All of Annie's Freebies in one spot...

    I want to preface this post by saying that I am no longer following the daily quarantine schedule. That lasted a few days at our house. And then everyone hated mommy. I am posting it here in case anyone is actually finding it useful still, and if so— please let me know!  I’ve decided to remove mo... View Post
  • Why moms love stationery...

    It's true. At least the women I know, and their moms. We love stationery. We especially love when it's our own personalized stationery, even more. But what is it about a new notepad, a beautiful pen, a beautiful set of stationery, or the perfect greeting card that makes us so happy?  I can reca... View Post
  • When you care enough to send...

    The very best self isolation notes. Sometimes when you can't find the right words, you have to create them yourself. And that's just what I did with this new Self Isolation Card Bundle. Can't wait to hug your loved ones again?  We gotch you. Missing that little cutie's smile? Check. Want to sen... View Post
  • Organize those Zoom calls!

    My girlfriend had a wonderful idea for me... create a Zoom Call Organizational List.  Between the boy's Zoom calls with their class, mine with my girlfriends, and neighborhood Zoom game nights— I am wishing we had bought stock in Zoom! Here is a downloadable freebie from me to you, to help you ke... View Post
  • 5 simple words for isolation Survival

    So how are we handling things at our house? Honestly, with these 5 simple words: This is the phrase I keep repeating (mostly in my head), when I need a deep breath. One day at a time. This time in our lives is tricky, and so up and down, back and forth. In our house we are all taking turns havin... View Post
  • Our new “normal”

    Whoa. How’s everyone doing out there? Here in upstate NY, we have been self-quarantined for over a week. It’s been one day at a time at our house.  A little touch and go at times. Week one looked like this: Some homeschooling (kind of) mixed with basketball, puzzling, watching old Survivor episo... View Post
  • Help kiddos connect during quarantine

    Ok, here we are, at the end of week one of quarantine. How is everyone doing? I have to admit, that I am struggling a little bit.  It's not being stuck at home that's the hard part. I actually love being home, my cozy place. I feel like I get out plenty each day because I have 3 dogs that need wa... View Post

A note from Annie

In writing this blog, I wanted to provide a space where you can to get to know me a little better, and share with you where my designs come from. Each one has their own story to go with it.  I LOVE what I do, and I truly hope you can feel that love coming through each of my products.