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How to experience Maine for yourself…

It’s kind of old news now, but we bought the cottage next door to us in Maine, and it’s so adorable! We have made some small decor changes, and continue to update as we go… but otherwise this historic cottage is in it’s original state, and is available as a vacation rental. Check out our new baby, Sea Road Cottage!

This cutie was once a beach house, literally located right at near Strawberry Island, which is in the cove at Kennebunk Beach. In the 1950s the owners moved the house to it’s current location on Sea Road, about 1 mile from the beach. I am currently researching more on the history and want to share it with all the visitors. She really is a charmer!

You KNEW I wouldn’t wait long to slap a bold color in this door, right? Coral Gables by Benjamin Moore becomes the new Maine cottage color. We are also replacing the front door this summer, and I will post new pics of that once it’s in. Woo hoo! Serious curb appeal coming your way!

One lobster dinner, coming up!

With a peaceful reading nook in the upstairs, the house sleeps five very comfortably.

Summer sunset on the cottage.

So get up here (or over, or down!) and experience for yourself the place I have raved about forever. You will fall in love with the smell of the salty air and beach roses, the taste of the sweetest lobster, and the laid back feeling that only a place like Maine can provide.

Here is the link for the listing to book:

Ps- The neighbors are wicked cool, too 😉

See you soon!

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Our visit to Magnolia

Hey remember our Taylor Texas Roadtrip? It was a while ago. I haven’t been on the blog because life got too “lifey”. But anyway, I never finished telling you guys about it. So we are going back in time because I want to share how awesome this family trip was. It was a BIG one!

Ok, so we are in Texas. All five of us; Kevin, Nolan, Lincoln, Sully and me. We left Dallas and headed south in our rental car. Next stop was Waco. I know, seems like a random stop, but I am sure Fixer Upper fans are not that surprised. Ever heard of “Magnolia”? Or Joanna Gaines?

Well you guessed it, we stopped at Magnolia and wandered around, just like the thousands of other people that pulled in on tour buses. Waco is a small, quiet, rural town, but Magnolia is changing that. This place is now hopping, buzzing, and trying to keep up.

My true intention with this stop however, was to make a connection, speak to the manager, and sell them on ATD products being a perfect fit. Can’t you just see it?

She’s Whiskey in a Teacup, 8×10 print.

My Love Waco notecards are such a cute addition, dontcha think? 😉

Ya’ll Come Back Now, Ya Hear?  8×10 print. The perfect print near the Magnolia main exit!

Next stop was Harp Design Comapny! Ya’ll know Clint from Fixer Upper (I can’t say his name without doing my bad Texas accent, “Cleeeiiint”.) Love this sweet place. Small, warm and cozy.  Clint really does do beautiful woodwork!  I snagged some hand made wood earrings, of course.

Such a cute store display! 

One of my favorite “finds” was a store called The Findery.  It’s charming, friendly, and eclectic. Think of Anthropologie but on a smaller, family owned scale.  Adorable!

Goodbye Waco!  Thanks for the lovely day.  The Taylors are off to the next location!

Some people are not meant for life on the road.

Back in the car, and onto the next stop… Dixie Dude Ranch! Yeehaw!

I’ll be back soon with this one…

We are in Maine for the summer and on “island time”. I am still here, but running a little slower, breathing the salty air, and playing with my kids.  I’ll be back at full ATD strength at the end of August.  But please continue to check in and reach out! Thank you for the support, friends!

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Taylor Texas Road Trip, Part One…

Last month, Kevin and I took the boys to Texas for a fun, Taylor family road trip. Oh man, did the five of us did ever need a getaway. It had been a while since we took a true vacation, just our little unit, and really bonded in this way. Kevin and I hope to explore the country, and eventually the rest of the world, with our boys. We want to teach them about history, experience different cultures, sample different cuisines, make new friends— all while making some seriously awesome family memories.

The boys are at such a fun age right now… beyond diapers, strollers, naps (thank god!) and before hormones and eye rolling completely take over. They are old enough to somewhat appreciate the cost of travel and the planning that went into a trip like this. We really had the most wonderful time, and I am excited to share our trip with you in photos 🙂

We chose Texas as the destination this time because we wanted a warm location, plus Kevin and I used to live there after college and we wanted to show the boys where it all began for us. Once the state was chosen, the fun part began, planning our road trip.


First leg of the trip I got to sit with my buddy, Link. He was so pumped about heading out of town on this snowy, cold, Syracuse morning.

Sully all wet from a fountain near our hotel.

To fully appreciate these photos and the joy on the boy’s faces, you have to know that we were still dealing with the worst and longest, gray, winter months in recent history back home in Syracuse. So the fact that Dallas was sunny and 70 degrees when we arrived… well I think you can see just how wonderful that felt.


This was a really cool urban park we stumbled upon in the Mckinney neighborhood.

Back at the hotel. Seriously, a hotel pool is all they need to be content…and slightly inappropriate.

The next morning we went to the Dallas Farmer’s Market. It was one of our favorite spots, back in the year 2000 (literally.) Today, it was almost unrecognizable. Really cool, totally hipster. It used to be all farmers with their harvested goods.  Now it’s filled with funky food trucks and “vintage” tee shops (which i also love, btw). And yes, I snagged some rad souvenirs there 😉


It was a little rainy that first day, so Kevin and I took the opportunity to do some drive-bys through our old stomping grounds. Below is our favorite apartment, 4930 Worth Street.  It’s an old estate home that was divided into four apartments, and we loved living there. We tortured Nolan a little by asking him to take our pic in front of it. Everything we do all of a sudden is embarrassing to this kid.


One thing on the boys “must see” list?? Visiting the headquarters of their celebrity man-crushes, Dude Perfect. So in the rain, we dove north to Frisco. Of course the “Dudes” weren’t there (and never responded to the boys fan mail ;( ) but never the less, they were so happy to see one of their trucks parked out front. Seriously, Nolan was beside himself.


Dude Perfect!  You should seriously consider offering a tour of your “office”. Little dudes like mine would pay top dollar for that! Maybe next time boys.


We just adored this artsy neighborhood, Bishop Arts.  We went there to find We Are 1976, a really beautiful gift shop, but ended up walking around enjoying the scene and the sunshine.


Our last stop in Dallas (well, Arlington) was the Texas Rangers game.  It was such a gorgeous sunny, and slightly hot day for these northerners. We had such a great time. The boys all got new flat brimmed hats because I forgot the sunscreen. Whoopsie.


Ok, our next stop in the Taylor Texas Road Trip??  Well, you have to come back and see! Check back on The Blog in a few days.

Talk to y’all soon!

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Teacher appreciation week is almost here!

Raise your hand if you were ready to get back into a routine after spring break this year. I know most of the world had their “spring” break a long time ago, but here in central New York, we are just returning (and hoping that today is the day that spring weather actually arrives!)

This time, we celebrate our teachers! It’s teacher appreciation week from May 7th-11th, and I wanted to design a new gift to let them know how grateful we are. Teaching in NOT easy, and it truly takes a special person to be a great one. The patience that is required, the nurturing, the warmth and kindness, and the excitement to keep our children engaged. Oy vey, it’s gotta be completely exhausting. And I know for a fact, I could never do it.

A Teacher Takes a Hand print.  8×10. Comes in Warm Pink or Ocean Blue.

So this year, let’s make them feel really special. Each print ordered on my shop site, comes with a free thank you note to accompany your gift. My little appreciation gift to you all 🙂

Spread the love, friends!

Ps- I will fill you guys in on our wild Texas road trip, on the blog next week 😉 Yee haw!

A dream come true

I grew up in Syracuse, New York and this place is known for it’s loooong, gray winters. But there is one thing we have that always seems to get us through the roughest part of the year… basketball.

I am a serious Syracuse University basketball fan. Every March I become a little crazy about my Orange.  We love to have friends over to watch SU games, to yell at the television, eat junk food, and share in our loathing of Duke (and still Georgetown) 😉

This season was fully of adversity and we (don’t you love how fans insert the word “we” when talking about their favorite team?) were not expected do well, or to even make the NCAA tournament.  It was sort of an off year, a rebuilding year. Well much to the delight of my cold, slightly depressed little city… Syracuse made the NCAA tournament. And we made quite a run, again. Despite the hardships they faced, the team and coaches got us all the way to the Sweet Sixteen!!!

Every season I listen for a quote or phrase of some sort from the team, that sums up their season. I then design an inspirational print and share it with my fellow Orange nation. This year I kept hearing this phrase pop up regarding the Orange, “We do not quit.”  So, I went to work.

Once the season came to an end, I was invited to come to the Carmelo K. Anthony Basketball Center for a tour and to have THE coach himself, Jim Boeheim, sign my print. I took the boys along with me and we got to see the ins and outs of all things SU basketball. We got sneak peeks into the coaches offices, the locker room, the weight room and conference rooms. All the kids took turns shooting baskets on the practice courts. It was a dream come true for these Orange fans. I hope it’s a memory the boys remember forever.

Signed! ATD is also donating a signed copy to the annual Boeheim Basket Ball auction. Proceeds benefit cancer research and programming for children in need within the CNY Community.

Nolan taking note of the great players to come from this amazing program; Carmelo Anthony, Sherman Douglas, Derrick Coleman, Gerry McNamara, Pearl Washington… to name a few.

Lincoln, scoping out the joint.

View from coach’s office.

This guy. Posing by Carmelo’s famous jersey 🙂

I spy ATD around the office!!!  Love this so much.

I owe a HUGE thank you to my friend Kelly Taylor (no relation) for putting this together. Kevin, Nolan, Lincoln, Sully and I were so honored. And thank you to Coach Boeheim for your generosity. You truly helped make memories for the five of us that we will never forget.

Go Cuse!!!!

Thanks for letting me brag, friends.