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My mood right now…

I’m 100%, completely, and totally exhausted. I know you can relate. I am taking this week off from the blog. Will be back next week. See you then!

Thanks for sticking with me, friends,

Who let the dogs out?

You all remember this chart topper, right? For me, the instant this classic song comes on, it takes me back to the 2000 World (Subway) Series, Yankees vs. Mets. It was THE song played between innings, revving up the crowd and the home team.

Kevin and I were recent college grads who moved from upstate New York to Dallas, Texas for jobs. Two serious Yankee fans, living in the south. We were diehards, desperate to stick to our roots, and cheering on our beloved home team. Andy Pettitte, Derek Jeter, Jorge Posada. All of our favorites. It was the glory days for us.

Well we are bringing that feeling, and the slogan back! Our new print is a trifectaโ€” It’s wall art to hang by the back door! It’s a throw back to late 90′- early 2000’s sports that will pump you up! And most importantly… it will serve as a reminder to get out there and move with your canine bestie. It’s a triple play ๐Ÿ˜‰
Olive’s first summer in Maine. She is a happy little pup.

Zuzu in her happy place.

Do we have to leave, Mom?

We have it hanging at the house here in Maine, and Zuzu and Olive are incredibly thankful. We (almost) never forgot to go for a walk, a swim at the beach, or visit furry friends at the dog park. 

Whether you are a dog lover, baseball fan, or just a connoisseur of Baha Men, this print is for you ๐Ÿ™‚ Grab a print in the shop, today!

Who let the dogs out?  I did.


What a lovely little surprise…

I have been trying to walk as much as I can while we are in Maine for the summer. It’s my alone time and my main form of exercise now. Not to mention we are in this gorgeous landscape, where every turn has charm to discover. I have been mixing up my route more this year, and finding the most lovely little surprises.  

The other day I dropped off one of the kids for an appointment, then walked through a residential neighborhood in Kennebunkport. This sweet little park I have driven by a thousand times caught my eye, and enticed me to come explore. 

I passed through the white trellis, followed the stone path, and walked towards a sign reading “Ganny’s Garden”. Next to it was a bench with a bronze “straw” hat, shoes and a book propped open. It was so charming! And, to my delight the book was one of my all time favorites Pride and Prejudice. It was as though I had wandered into another time, and discovered Lizzy Bennet herself reading in her secret garden. 

I was confident I knew in fact who “Ganny” was. But to gather more info, I did a little google search when I got home. As I suspected, the most famous Ganny in this neck of the woods, is a former first lady, and well known flower lover… Barbara Bush.

Click here to learn about this special place, that was a gift from her family and friends.

I designed and gifted these floral notecards for Mrs. Bush herself a couple years ago. 

I’ll report back on the next hidden treasure I find on my walks this summer ๐Ÿ™‚

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Three sweet words for a true friend…

You’re a peach.

One of my dear friends, Holly, is someone I consider a true “southern belle.” While she may blush at this genuine compliment, I believe it describes my friend so eloquently.

“Southern belle” is a term used to describe women from the South with distinct characteristics that give them a warm, enchanting and inviting air (Holly). Southern belles are polite, respectful, well-kept and use certain words in their speech, in addition to generally having an alluring southern accent (totally Holly). These women often use terms of endearment such as “honey,” “darling”, “sugar” or “peach” for most people they interact with. 

When I designed my latest collection, I used this Atlanta girl as my warm and kind hearted muse. Thanks for the inspiration, my sweet friend. You are a treasure, and a true Georgia peach.


I am actively taking my own advice and heading off to write a few notes to some good friends. Have a wonderful week! Be sweet to one another.

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Enchantment Under the Sea!

No, this isn’t a post about a 1950’s dance with Marty McFly, silly. We are announcing the arrival of our newest kids party invitations and coordinating thank you notes, Under the Sea! 

Here is the back story…

For his last birthday party, my youngest son, Sully, requested something “cool” on his invitations (as opposed to the super uncool invites that I designed for the last four years?) “Mom, maybe I am swimming in the ocean in Maine, or something”. Ok kid, I got it.

Right around the same time, I received a custom design request from a fellow mama. Her daughter, Emma, wanted a beach themed party and I was told this little cutie loves sea shells, mermaids, and all things “beachy”. Alright, now I was doubly inspired. I got to work, and here is what we ended up with…

Also, to encourage gratitude in our kids… I designed them coordinating thank you notes. They are partially filled out on the back side, to make the job easy peasy! Oh, we are such thoughtful momsโ€” high five! ๐Ÿ˜‰

I’m in love with these party invites (give me a horn to toot!) They are fun, whimsical and adorable… just like Emma and Sully.  

You can now order these in the shop, or just contact me if you would like me to create you a custom design for your special kiddo.

Have a wonderful week, friends!

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Photo cred goes to the amazing Alice G. Patterson.