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3 words EVERYONE needs to hear to succeed…

Believe in yourself.

I want to share a story that has taken me 40 years to tell…

My entire childhood I struggled in school. I had what can be considered a “hidden learning disability”… reading comprehension. It is something that can go undetected for a very long time because those that have it can read accurately and fluently from the page…however, we don’t always process the meaning of all those words rolling off our tongues.

I hid the fact that I wasn’t a strong reader for years and continually felt worse and worse about myself. I didn’t want anyone to know my secret, or to judge me. I felt ashamed, and stupid. I did well in other subjects which allowed me to hide it and work around it, but that trick prevented me from getting the help I needed early on. It wasn’t until I was 18 years old that I realized it was more than me not being as “book smart” as my friends and sisters. It wasn’t laziness, or lack of desire to do well. It was clear, and proven in a psychological evaluation, that I have a brain that processes information in a different way than most other people.

With this newly discovered knowledge, I was then able to get the right help and I was provided the tools that were essential for my success. My confidence in school started to come back, which trickled into all parts of my life. I was beginning to truly believe in myself.

Fast forward a couple decades to my life now, as a mom. I feel it is important to share this story about my past. Not to hide it or be embarrassed by it. It made me who I am today. Someone that I am very proud of. I struggled, I worked hard, I overcame it.

I am reliving my childhood all over again through my children (the good, the bad, and ugly!) and I want them to know that I “get it”. That they can share anything with me, with no fear of judgement. No matter what their struggle may be, I believe in them, and I will do everything I can to boost their confidence to help them succeed.

What I have learned in my 40 years is that we all have special gifts, and we all have  struggles. It’s how we truly feel about ourselves deep down determines our success. 

Thanks for reading, friends. I am honored to have this platform to share my life with you all, and to keep it real.

This post is dedicated to Lincoln, my sweet, smart, talented little boy. You make me so proud. I love you, Louie.


Try THIS on the days you just need a mood lift…

Friends, do you know anyone that could use a little self love right now? Or maybe YOU do?? So easily as women we get down about ourselves. One little thing can trigger negative thoughts, self loathing, and the ugly side we don’t like others to see. We can be flying high then something bursts our bubble and we fall back into old, unhealthy habits. Oh, I have been there, much too often.

Studies show that if we simply start each day with talking kindly to ourselves, THEN the mind will start to shift. Which leads to more positive little decisions throughout the day. Go slow and make tiny changes. 

For me, when I am feeling a little down on myself, one thing I find is that nature and fresh air really help. Yesterday I woke up a little “off”. I was sluggish, a little negative and irritable. I actually told myself to “STOP!” and then texted a girlfriend to go for a walk (which is like a therapy session.) It truly turned my negativity around. Later, Kevin and I went for a beautiful trail run on our lunch hour. Even though I sucked wind the entire time, it was exactly what I needed.

Ahh, feeling better!

Okay, here’s the real pose. It was hard. And slightly ugly. 

When you start each day with kindness towards yourself, you are inviting positivity to your day. A positive mindset can lead to great things. It will encourage you to improve and keep trying. Make a plan to do what will feed you the most on these days. 

We all have our struggles, and trust me… I am right here with you.

Hello, beautiful πŸ™‚

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If I’m being honest…

I’ve been working with an accountability coach for a while now, and it’s been a transforming experience for me and my business. One thing in particular that we have tackled together is my time management; in my business, and personal life. Growing a business, raising children and pets, being a wife, self care, keeping up with all the things at home… all require time. Lot’s of time. And when the kids are on summer break, well, I get really thrown off track.

At first it’s great, the freedom of no schedule and allowing each day to unfold organically. But let’s get real… it gets old, and uber exhausting! I crave routine. I feel better, I am happier, and I am much more productive when I have a set schedule.

A few short months ago I began to panic, knowing that summer was approaching and I would no longer be in control of my schedule. I talked it out with my coach and we made a plan for the upcoming summer “vacation”. I VOWED that this time I would stick to a routine as best I could while the kids were out of school. I would carve out a work schedule. I would have focused play time with the kids. I would eat cleaner and be sure to get out and exercise daily. I’d stick to my earlier bedtime and wake time. Just because it’s summer, doesn’t mean i have to get so far off track! Right?

Well, despite sticking with the plan, I did get off track.

Fast forward about 10 weeks and here I am. Fall is here, along with the additional 5-10 pounds that seems almost inevitable every stinking year. It’s not the weight (I don’t even weigh myself anymore), it’s the lack of energy and motivation to get things done that comes along with it. And if i’m being honest, I was feeling pretty crappy again.

But…what I DO have this go round, is experience. I have 40 years under my belt now (yikes!!!), and I am now able look back at the last 10 years or more and see the pattern. I do this EVERY SINGLE YEAR, (probably every 3 or 4 months more accurately.) I will get back to it, and feel good, and in a groove again.  I just need to make simple, conscious changes and stick with them.  It always works, I just continuously forget. Thanks for helping me see this, coach!

So… I am designing a Get Back on Track notepad, for those times of the year when you are “feeling like crap” and need a reset. You know they happen! In those times I have learned that I make the most change when my days are broken down into small manageable segments. We are all so busy and have different windows of time to work with. So I want this notepad to help keep us accountable and motivated. Then before we know you it, we are in fact back on track, ready to tackle all the other things with gusto πŸ™‚

My question for you guys; what would you want to see on this accountability notepad?For me, I need prompts to get moving, to eat clean, to drink water, to get more sleep. All the obvious stuff. But I would love to design something WITH you that would help all of us. Will you share any ideas you may have with me? If I use your suggestion in the design I will send you a free notepad once they are ready! 

Cheers to getting back on track!

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Well, THAT was unexpected…

Despite summer feeling as though it came to an abrupt end, we were pretty well prepared for the first day of school today. Bags were packed, first day outfits picked out, lunches made. Check, check, check.  

We didn’t get the kids to sleep as early as we hoped last night, and the loud thunderstorm woke us all several times (especially Zuzu, my sweet old, anxious pup.) Despite this, the kids were all so happy this morning. They came down dressed and ready to go. I even made eggs for breakfast! We were ALL feeling quite accomplished by 7:15 am.

Yikes, this was the best I could get so early in the morning.

Nolan was the first to leave, my big middle schooler. He was calm and cool. Very un-Taylor-like. He made me promise not to embarrass him at the bus stop.  I did my best πŸ˜‰

The two little guys were set to ride the elementary school bus about an hour later. They seemed ready!  Sully was being his usual silly self (see above photo), and Link was serious and brooding (my internal thinker.)

Running a bit late on the first day, the bus finally rounded the corner with it’s loud squeaky brakes. Our trusty bus driver, Donna, pulled up and opened the doors with a smile. Lincoln barely said goodbye and scurried onto the bus. He didn’t even notice his little brother having a change of heart, and running in the opposite direction to the garage.

After minutes of trying to coerce a five year old to get on the bus, I told Donna to go ahead without him. I would drive him myself. He was so upset, and it broke my heart. He said he didn’t want to go, and why do kids HAVE to go to school? I finally got him to come with me after about 10-15 minutes of loving straight talk. But by the time we arrived at school all the kids were settled in their classrooms. Ugh, this is SO not the way I wanted his first day of kindergarten to go! 

The principal greeted us at the door and walked us to the classroom (as Sully had a death grip on me out of fear I may leave.) His sweet teacher met us with a huge loving smile, and after a few minutes she agreed I should try and leave. Sully was upset but I waited in hall until he calmed down. It was so hard! I know my son, and this was so unexpected. He is my happy-go-lucky boy! By the time I was back home, the teacher had called and let me know he was having fun, and hadn’t cried since I left. Oh my word.  Being a parent is heart breaking sometimes!

After this, I busied myself with a list of things to get done on my first day back to work… and the day flew. The next thing I knew the kids are almost home. I was dying to see how it played out.

They are home!  When Sully jumped off the bus, with a huge grin, I knew it had turned out alright.

Sully, how was your day?  Thumbs up or thumbs down?  “Just kidding, mom. It was fun!”

My little man, always wary of showing his true feelings. Turns out, Link had a pretty great day too… although he may not admit it πŸ™‚

It was definitely not the way I envisioned this day going. But then, when is a day predictable in parenting? Sully asked tonight, “Mom, do I have to go again tomorrow?” Cheers to a smooth second day of school everyone.

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Our summer highlight reel

We are coming off of a shortened summer in our beloved, Maine. As with life, it was full of ups and downs, but we always agree, there is NO PLACE on earth we would rather be in the warmer months. It came and went in a blink. Here is our list of favorite things…

1. Walking around town.

I walked a lot this summer, and usually had my phone in hand to snap pics.
A few of my Instagram photos were reposted by some prestigious accounts (Maine Magazine, Daytrip Society, and Go Kennebunks, for example.) Woo hoo!

2. Eating really good food.

Fresh Maine lobster and Big Daddy’s Peppermint Stick ice cream.  Yummmmmmm. 

3. Boating adventures.

4. Dogs at the beach.

5. Visits with friends and family.

Thank you for another wonderful summer, Maine! 

And now, we are back in Syracuse, with school is starting next week! It’s a big transition year for the Taylor gang. Our oldest is headed to the middle school, eek! Our youngest is going off to kindergarten, goodbye preschool payments. Our middle gets to be one of the bigger kids at the elementary school. As wonderful as summer break can be, we are all ready to get back in a groove, and a routine, again.

Enjoy the last few days, friends! Talk to ya next week.

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