About Annie

Modern. Graceful. Whimsical. Fierce. Festive. Full of Life. What do you want your stationery to say about you, your family, your event, and your vision of the world?

I was raised by a mom who could turn an old pillowcase into a curtain and an old curtain into a prom dress. From her I learned that possibility is everywhere and nothing should be wasted. As a designer, I dream in colors and fonts. My favorite way to communicate has almost nothing to do with words. This makes every day, every project, every client the most exciting gift and the best kind of challenge.

In 2002, I was working as an in-house graphic designer for a gourmet food company in Maine when my now-husband proposed. We wanted our wedding invitation to set the tone for the intimate summer wedding we’d planned in my hometown. Think mason jars, wildflowers, and a big white tent on acres of fresh cut grass at my sister’s house. No fuss, just family friends and simple summer joys. When I couldn’t find what I wanted, I decided to make the invitations myself. I sat up every night at my kitchen table assembling each and every one.

From this, Annie Taylor Design was born in 2005 as a boutique design company specializing in everything from wedding invitations to corporate branding projects. Although I’m a formally trained graphic designer, I rely most often on everyday things to inspire me: a swatch of fabric, an antique lamp, the specific yellow of a sunrise in coastal Maine or the red of a passerby’s umbrella on a rainy day in London.

My three boys are my biggest inspiration, of course. They certainly have gifted me with many birthday parties and milestone celebrations to plan.

An invitation should take you somewhere. The designs I create for my family are infused with the places and things I love and I love nothing more than to help other people articulate their personal style and vision through the art of design. The best part of this work is collaboration with the client. You decide where you want to go and I bring your vision to you…on paper.

That’s why I call it paperwork. It’s a craft. It’s a passion. It’s an expression of where you want to go. It’s my privilege to help take you there.